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Product Name   MSDS No. Update  File Name
Disperse dye ink Y,LY,M,LM,C,LC,K,LK 1997040023US December 1,1998 disperse_dye_ink_y_ly_m_my_c_lc_k_lk_us_070717.pdfPDF
 Red 2000012011US June 14,2000 disperse_dye_ink_red_us_070717.pdfPDF
  Violet 2000012021US June 14,2000 disperse_dye_ink_violet_us_070717.pdfPDF
 Orange 2000012031US June 14,2000 disperse_dye_ink_orange_us_070717.pdfPDF
Reactive dye ink Y,LY,M,LM,C,LC,K,LK 2000006011US June 14,2000 reactive_dye_ink_y_ly_m_my_c_lc_k_lk_us_070717.pdfPDF
 Blue,Orange,ExM 2000006130US September 6,2007 reactive_dye_ink_b_o_exm_us_070906.pdfPDF
 Gray,Pink 2007013020US June 22,2007 reactivedyeink_gray_pink_us_070622.pdfPDF
Acid dye ink Y,M,C,Orange,Violet 2005094010US September 6,2007 acid_ink_y_m1_c1_o_b_m2_c2_us_070906.pdfPDF
 K / LK 2005094020US September 6,2007 acid_ink_k_lk_us_070906.pdfPDF
 Red 2006082010US September 6,2007 acid_ink_r_us_070906.pdfPDF
Penetration Liquid  2008017010US July 7,2008 penetrationink_us_080707.pdfPDF
Cleaning Liquid  1998028022US April 13,2009 cleaning_us_090413.pdfPDF
Humidity Liquid  1998028013US April 13,2009 humidity_us_090413.pdfPDF
Ex-UV SP1  2007036010US September 3,2007 ex-uv_sp1_black_us_070903hij.pdfPDF
Ex-UV SP2  2007077010US February 19,2009 ex-uv_sp2_black_us_090219.pdfPDF

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