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Our endangered animals

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  • What's an endangered animal?
  • Endangered animals list
  • Let's study with comics! Why are animals in trouble?
  • What we can all do
  • To teachers and guardians

The surprising connection of living creatures A forest where Northern Goshawks live

What's an endangered animal?

3 Learning Missions What's an endangered animal?

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  • Mission 1 Understand what endangered species means!
  • Mission 2 Find out why conservation is necessary!
  • Mission 3 Let's do our share!

Endangered animals list

There are fewer and fewer of some animals, even if we are used to seeing them at the zoo. We're going to show you those endangered animals.


New animals added
  • VIDEOBarbary Sheep

Let's search for animals by place of living or feature

Let's Search for animals by alphabet.

Animals by alphabet

Let's study with comics! Why are animals in trouble?

Let's think!

What can we do to help endangered animals, plants and forests that are disappearing from our earth? Learn about it in comics!

  • Part1 "What's an endangered species?"
  • Part2 "Global Warming, what's wrong with our Mother Earth?"
  • Part3 "Environmental destruction is bad, even if you mean no harm"
  • Part4 "Deforestation – building roads destroys animals"
  • Part5 "Acid rain, the sky is raining poison!!"
  • Part6 "Non-native species?! Abandoned pets cause environmental destruction??"
  • Part7 "Protect endangered animals from poaching!"
  • Characters

What we can all do

In order to protect animals from extinction, specialists and zookeepers all over the world are carrying out activities to protect and preserve them.
And sure, there are many things that you and I can do too. Let's look at some examples of activities which we can do in our everyday lives to help our animal friends!

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