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Barbary Macaque, Barbary Ape

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  • English name
    Barbary Macaque, Barbary Ape
  • ClassificationPrimates, Cercopithecidae
  • Scientific nameMacaca sylvanus

Barbary Macaque, Barbary Ape
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The Barbary Macaque lives in groups, wherein they cooperate and tend to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Unfortunately, they have lost home and food to logging activities and pasturage for livestock.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: Male 55-62cm/Female 45cm
Weight: 11-15kg

(Source: Doubutsu Sekai-isan* Red Data Animals Kodansha) (*World Animal Heritage)

Where they live

The Barbary Macaque only lives in Algeria, Morocco, and British Gibraltar.

What they eat

They like to eat insects, acorns, and tree leaves.

What they are like

Adult Barbary Macaques all take part in rearing the young. Males have even been seen carrying infants on their back.

Find out more about the Barbary Macaque!

Everyone in the group helps rear the young!
The Barbary Macaque is a monkey that only lives in North Africa and British Gibraltar. In addition to the mother, all adult males in the group rear the young together. Male adults have also been known to pacify a conflict-waging male by showing that he is holding a newborn baby. These monkeys avoid unnecessary conflict among themselves while caring for their young.

Trees were cut, and then came livestock...
The Barbary Macaque is rapidly declining due to home and food loss caused by logging activity and sheep pasturage. Still, because of their nature to live in groups, it is not an easy task for humans to breed them into steadier numbers and release them into wilderness. This is because breeders would need to move the whole group, which to the monkey, is an entire society. The only way to stop them from becoming extinct is to create forests where they can live in peace.


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