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  • English name
    Black Lemur
  • ClassificationPrimates, Lemuridae
  • Scientific nameEulemur macaco

Black Lemur
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The Black Lemur is a rare monkey that lives only on the island of Madagascar. They are on the brink of extinction as slash-and-burn farming erases their forests and as people hunt them to make pets and food.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: 39-45 cm
Tail length: 51-65 cm
Weight: 2-2.5 kg

(Source: Doubutsu Sekai-isan* Red Data Animals Kodansha) (*World Animal Heritage)

Where they live

They live only on Madagascar, an island in the Indian ocean east of the African continent.

What they eat

The Black Lemur's favorite food is fruit. They also eat tree leaves, flowers, and insects, and occasionally, chameleons and geckos.

What they are like

Male and female Black Lemurs have completely different fur colors. Males are pitch black while females are brownish. Incidentally, packs are led by the female.

Find out more about the Black Lemur!

Humans came to their safe haven!
Long ago when the island of Madagascar split from the African continent, the animals on the island evolved in a rather unique way. The Black Lemur is one such animal. It is rare and can only be found on this island. Because they have very few natural enemies on the island, Madagascar has been a safe haven for the Black Lemur. But about 2000 years ago, humans began migrating to the island and ruined the environment. Deforestation still goes on today.

Year by year, precious forest land disappears...
Slash-and-burn farming is perhaps the largest cause of ongoing deforestation every year. Another problem is poaching. Black Lemurs are hunted to make pets and for consumption. On the island of Madagascar, there are many other species of animals approaching the brink of extinction. We must find a way to allow humans and animals to coexist on this island as soon as possible.


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