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  • English name
    Chacoan Peccary
  • ClassificationArtiodactyla, Tayassuidae
  • Scientific nameCatagonus Wagneri

Chacoan Peccary
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The Chacoan Peccary is once considered extinct. It was first known in the form of fossils. Because forests are disappearing in a rapid speed, the Chacoan Peccary may go extinct for real this time...

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: 92-111cm
Tail length: 2.5-10cm
Weight: 30-40kg

(Source: Doubutsu Sekai-isan* Red Data Animals Kodansha) (*World Animal Heritage)

Where they live

Chacoan Peccaries live in the Bolivian, Paraguayan, and Argentine forests.

What they eat

Chacoan Peccaries mainly eat succulent plants like cacti, and stalks under the ground.

What they are like

Chacoan Peccaries look like wild boars, but they are totally different species. Look closer and you will see that their teeth and hooves are different from the wild boars.

Find out more about the Chacoan Peccary!

Help buddies by becoming a scapegoat?!
Until it was re-discovered in 1974, the Chacoan Peccary in the South America Continent had been long believed to be a fossil species. It was considered extinct because only their fossils were seen. Chacoan Peccaries are known to have a surprising trait. When a predator like a Jaguar attacks them, only one of them will confront and the others flee. Of course, the brave one usually gets killed. It's sad, but this is the wisdom of Chacoan Peccaries to minimize the damage to the herd.

Forests become farmland or grazing land...
The Chacoan Peccary lives in the shrub, low-lying forests. But the forests were converted to farmland and grazing land one after another and so the Chacoan Peccary decreased in number. It has bravery and wisdom to fight against its enemies to protect the herd. But it can do nothing against the destruction of habitat. If this goes on, the Chacoan Peccary will be found in fossils only.


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