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Golden Lion Tamarin

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  • English name
    Golden Lion Tamarin
  • ClassificationPrimates, Callitrichidae
  • Scientific nameLeontopithecus Rosalia

Golden Lion Tamarin
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The Golden Lion Tamarin is a golden monkey living in the forest along Brazil's coastline. It is in danger of extinction because almost 90% of the forest has been cut down, and because many have been captured as pets.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Body length: 25 to 31cm
Tail length: 31.5 to 40cm
Weight: 630 to 850g

(Source: Doubutsu Sekai-isan* Red Data Animals Kodansha) (*World Animal Heritage)

Where they live

The Golden Lion Tamarin lives in forests along the Pacific Coast line in the Southeastern part of Brazil.

What they eat

The Golden Lion Tamarin has a diverse diet, eating anything from insects and animals such as lizards and frogs, to fruits and honey from flowers.

What they are like

The Golden Lion Tamarin gets its name from its mane, which resembles that of a lion. All adult monkeys in the pack cooperate to raise the children.

Find out more about the Golden Lion Tamarin!

Declining in number because humans are taking their coastline forest away
The Golden Lion Tamarin is a monkey that lives in the forest along the coastline of Southeastern Brazil. Thriving towns emerged along the coastline because humans also found it to be easier to live in these areas. Humans have cut down about 90% of the forest where the Golden Lion Tamarin used to live. Another problem is that people are drawn to the beautiful golden fur of the Golden Lion Tamarin and have been capturing them as pets, reducing their numbers to a point where extinction has become a real concern.

Grow more forests for the Golden Lion Tamarin!
Experts were quick to realize the reputation of the Golden Lion Tamarin as a beautiful animal would make it an endangered species. From the 1970's, zoos started breeding Golden Lion Tamarins to increase their numbers, and about ten years later, began releasing the new bred monkeys to their natural habitats. These efforts have certainly increased their numbers, but the results are limited because the forest still occupies only a small area. This is being addressed by planting more trees, and taking action to expand the forest.


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