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  • English name
    Loggerhead Turtle
  • ClassificationTestudines Cheloniidae
  • Scientific nameCaretta Caretta

Loggerhead Turtle
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The Loggerhead Turtle is a large sea turtle. It is in trouble because the sandy beaches for egg laying are disappearing. The Loggerhead Turtle can eat by mistake waste thrown into the sea and die from it.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Tortoise Shell: 70-100cm
Weight: 70-180kg

(Source: Shinsekai Zetsumetsukiki Doubutsu Zukan* (Library Edition) Gakken) (*Illustrated Encyclopedia of New World Endangered Animals)

Where they live

Loggerhead Turtles like the warm water of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

What they eat

Loggerhead Turtles like eating creatures living at the bottom of the sea, like shellfishes and crabs.

What they are like

Loggerhead Turtles are long-distance travelers and they even cross the Pacific Ocean.

Find out more about the Loggerhead Turtle!

Want to lay our eggs... but where are all the sandy beaches!
The Loggerhead Turtle is a large, reddish-brown colored sea turtle. The head is especially huge with super-chewing power. It is disappearing because people landfill the sandy beaches. If the sandy beaches are covered with concrete, the Loggerhead Turtle can't lay its eggs. A mother turtle often lays her eggs on the sandy beaches where she was born. She is not very good at finding new places for egg laying.

City lights confuse baby turtles...
Even if egg-laying is smooth, the Loggerhead Turtles still has to stay alert! When baby turtles hatch from eggs, they head to the sea with the help of the moonlight. But, if there is a town near the sandy beach, the town lights confuse the baby turtles and they can never get to the sea. Plus, many Loggerhead Turtles eat plastic waste that looks like jellyfish, and they die. Our Loggerhead Turtles need clean, natural beaches to survive!


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