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Orinoco Crocodile

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What's an endangered animal?
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  • English name
    Orinoco Crocodile
  • ClassificationCrocodilia Crocodylidae
  • Scientific nameCrocodylus Intermedius

Orinoco Crocodile
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Crocodile skin is a luxury item. Many Orinoco Crocodiles have been killed and used for bags and shoes. Now actions are being made to care for them from the egg stage, and return them to the wild.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Total length: Approx. 5m (Max. 6.7m)

(Source: Shin Sekai Zetsumetsu Kiki Doubutsu Zukan* (Library Edition) Gakken) (*Illustrated Encyclopedia of New World Endangered Animals)

Where they live

They live around the Orinoco river in South America.

What they eat

When Orinoco Crocodiles are young they eat insects and lizards. When they grow up they eat larger fish and birds, as well as other animals.

What they are like

They are one of the largest species of crocodile. They bite down on their prey with large mouths and sharp teeth.

Find out more about the Orinoco Crocodile!

Orinoco crocodiles are easy to hunt?
Have you ever heard the word crocodile skin? Crocodile skin has been a popular luxury item for many years. People have caught many crocodiles to make bags, shoes, and belts. Compared to other crocodiles, Orinoco crocodiles live in a place that is easy for people to get to. They are easy to hunt, and their numbers have become smaller.

Let's care for Orinoco Crocodiles and put them back in the river!
In order to save the Orinoco Crocodiles from this disaster, the Venezuelans are taking action to save them. They have begun a movement to hatch crocodile eggs, and return them to their natural environment of the Orinoco River. Thanks to this, many Orinoco Crocodiles have returned to the river. However, the number of crocodiles that have returned is fewer than the numbers that have been lost. They still face a chance of disappearing.


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