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  • English name
    Andean Flamingo
  • ClassificationCiconiiformes, Phoenicopteridae
  • Scientific namePhoenicoparrus Andinus

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The Andean Flamingo has pink wings and thin long legs that look like twigs. Their numbers have dropped to the point that they are in danger of extinction because people take their eggs and pollute the environment of their lakes.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Total length: 120cm

(Source: Doubutsu Sekai-isan* Red Data Animals Kodansha) (*World Animal Heritage)

Where they live

Andean Flamingos live in shallow parts of lakes located in the plateaus of the Andes mountain range.

What they eat

Their favorite food is the algae in the lake. They skillfully eat the algae under water by lowering their heads and turning their beaks upside down.

What they are like

Flamingos, including the Andean Flamingo, rest while standing on one foot. This helps them keep their body temperature warm.

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People steal the only egg they lay...
Flamingos are known for their pink wings and thin, twig-like, long legs. Of the Flamingos, the Andean Flamingo is the rarest breed. Up until now, people have taken many eggs from the Andean Flamingo to sell as food. This causes tremendous damage to the Andean Flamingo which lays only one egg at a time.

Precious lakes are becoming environmentally polluted!
Andes Flamingos live in lakes in the Andes mountain range. The lake is an important source of algae, an essential food for the Andes Flamingo's survival. Lately, however, a boost in mineral mining near the lakes produces drainage that pollutes the water. Some lakes have even dried out because of the mining work. Being robbed of their eggs and safe habitat, the Andes Flamingo population has declined so far it is now in fear of extinction.


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