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Red-crowned Crane

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  • English name
    Red-crowned Crane
  • ClassificationGruiformes Gruidae
  • Scientific nameGrus japonensis

Red-crowned Crane
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We thought that Japan's Red-crowned Crane had disappeared. The low number of marshland areas was the reason for this belief. There are some left - so conservation efforts have become stronger to save them.

Size & Weight (Adult)

Total length: Approx. 150cm
Full wingspan: Approx. 240cm
Weight: 6-12kg

(Source: Shin Sekai Zetsumetsu Kiki Doubutsu Zukan* (Library Edition) Gakken) (*Illustrated Encyclopedia of New World Endangered Animals)

Where they live

The Red-crowned Crane is found in marshland areas on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, and China.

What they eat

The Red-crowned Crane eats many leaves and seeds. In the wetlands they find insects, small fish and frogs.

What they are like

Male and female Red-crowned Cranes are mates for life, and this is very unusual in the bird and animal world.

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Did they disappear in Japan?
Japanese cranes can be found on Hokkaido, China, Russia, and the Korean Peninsula. At the beginning of the 20th century, people thought that the cranes had disappeared from the planet. The cranes were caught by people and eaten, and the marshlands where they lived were turned into rice fields so they were never seen.

The number of cranes in Japan increased, but they are still in danger.
After that, a few cranes were found on Hokkaido. Local people feed them and the federal government is protecting them. The crane population has come back to over 1,000 birds. However, in other countries, the crane population is starting to become smaller again. Just like in Japan, marshlands are being turned into farmlands and factories.


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