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Recent changes in diet and lifestyle have seen the incidence of breast cancer among women increase year by year in the world. It is also said that if it is detected and treated in its early stages, breast cancer is a curable illness.
REGIUS PUREVIEW Mammography is a revolutionary new X-ray mammography system that incorporates cuttingedge Phase Contrast technology to produce images of unparalleled, world-class quality.
Konica Minolta is proud to offer the ultimate solution to the early detection of breast cancer.

REGIUS PUREVIEW Mammography is the first X-ray mammography system in the world to utilize phase contrast technology.
The system combines an exposure using PCM 35×43cm cassettes and a scanning at 43.75µm to obtain ultra high resolution (70 million pixels)image data.
Furthermore, the combination of full-size output and film with a maximum depth of 4.0 Dmax enables the provision of high quality mammography images with vastly improved sharpness and granularity.

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