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Aero DR is the easiest way to Achieve Digital workflow.

Faster, More Flexible and More Intelligent, with the highest
Quality and Reliability!

By combining the simple to operate ImagePilot workstation with the flexible Aero DR wireless panel, Konica Minolta has created an all-in-one DR solution that can improve patient care with high image quality and dose efficiency.

Konica Minolta’s new portable upgrade kit efficiently turns your current portable x-ray system into a digital wireless solution.

Konica Minolta introduces the newest member of the Aero DR family,
a wireless cassette 17×17 inch flat panel detector (FPD),
that delivers wide view range.

  • World's Lightest Weight (including battery) 14"x17": 2.9kg / 17"x17": 3.6kg
  • Energy Conservation Design:16hr Stand-by time

Konica Minolta introduces the newest member of the Aero DR family,
a wireless 10 x 12 inch flat panel detector (FPD) to right size your imaging solutions.

Konica Minolta’s versatile Aero DR X70 X-ray system with tilting wall stand and table bucky provides you with a flexible, high quality digital X-ray imaging solution.
Aero DR X70 has a seamless integration with the X-ray generator and your hospital or radiology information system.
Also console CS-7 newly developed for Aero DR taking advantage of Aero DR's characteristics, an intuitive, simple, and smart operation platform has been implemented.

Introducing a unique auto-stitching system with the Aero DR flat panel detector for high image quality and excellent workflow that is applicable to any X-ray system. In general, existing DR stitching process requires the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. However, using the Aero DR Auto-Stitching System allows studies to be performed in much less time due to the automatic movement of the detector and specialized slit combination.

AeroSync ®, a new x-ray exposure synchronization technology, requires no cable connections
to the x-ray generator.
Image capture automatically begins when the Aero DR senses the x-ray exposure. This technology is available in Konica Minolta’s wireless cassette DR system, Aero DR®. 

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