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The SD-P & SD-Q lines of dry laser films are specifically designed for the DRYPRO laser imager cameras. The film is thermally processed and does not require wet processing chemistry. Sharp, clear images are assured by optimized control of image tones from CT, MRI and other image modalities.

The MG-SR Plus Film is fine grain, high sharpness conventional orthochromatic imaging film. Designed for the optimum balance between contract and latitude, MG-SR Plus film is suitable for radiography of various parts of the body.

The CM-H2 film is a very high contrast, high speed, single emulsion orthochromatic film that produces high quality and sharp detail over a wide density range for mammographic imaging. It can be used in standard 90 second conventional processing cycles.

Konica Minolta offers films for specific imaging needs. The SR-Dup Plus film is a film specifically designed to produce uniformed linearity in medical film reproduction.

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