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The DRYPRO 873 is the newest dry laser imager from Konica Minolta. The DRYPRO 873 incorporates faster, quieter throughput for use in mid to high volume, multi-modality use, including full filed digital mammography. The DRYPRO 873 laser imager is expected to be the top performer in imaging capacity and diagnostic image quality.

Features: A compact Dry Laser Imager with 90 films per hour, four film sizes (choice of: 14×17, 11×14, 10×12, 8×10), 14-bit grayscale output, 50 seconds first print time, up to three film trays, maximum 16 DICOM connections. 125 sheet film capacity.

Why is the DRYPRO 832 Dry Laser Imager your digital productivity tool?

Because now you can get faster print throughput even in a lower print volume environment…now you can get laser technology in a smaller footprint… and now you can get flexible configurations that are easy to use. The result: lower cost of ownership while incorporating the most advanced technology.

With our new technology, you also get Konica Minolta’s industry leading reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Let the DRYPRO 832 be your digital productivity tool and deliver effortless, cost-effective images.

DRYPRO SIGMA is a compact, tabletop dry laser imager that adds true customer value to all facilities currently using film based imaging. The DRYPRO SIGMA is a single tray dry laser that produces up to 45 film /hr from the image output of the companion Regius Sigma CR Reader. DRYPRO SIGMA uses model specific SD-S type film… in four standard sizes.

Embracing image-based diagnosis, Konica Minolta has once again met the critical demands of the medical imaging industry in the dry laser imager, DRYPRO 793

The Printlink 5-IV/ID unit provides an open network enviroment for imager systems by converting signals from diagnostic devices into DICOM 3.0 (Print Management Service Class) international standard protocol. When combined with the PrintLink 5-IN, the various licensed functions (optional) of PrintLink 5-IN can also be used. The PrintLink 5-IN enables network printing from DICOM modalities. By employing a variety of different functions, the network can be expanded to include storage that transmits images to an image server or viewer, extraction of patient information, enlarged printing and ID number in the film margin.

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