Giving Shape to Ideas


The Integrated planetarium of 3rd generation [GEMINISTAR III] dynamically and realistically provides the magnificent outer space.
More developed optical-type planetarium [INFINIUM L, S] as well as full dome Projection System [DigitalSky2] that has been evolved into 3-D Astronomical Simulator takes all of audience from the solar system to unlimited space.

Dome Type Horizontal / tilted
Dome size in Diameter 12~20m (Type S)
18~27m (Type L)
Number of seats 100~200 seats (Type S)
200~350 seats (Type L)
Recommendable Number of Fixed Stars 12,800 ~ 15,000 pcs. (Type S)
15,000 ~ 29,000 pcs. (Type L)

Scientific and impressive presentation that only Integrated Planetarium can produce.

GEMINISTAR III reproduces not only beautiful star-field that attracts and relaxes audience but also dynamic projection image beyond time and space of three dimensional universe that could never be realized by conventional type of planetariums.
As INFINIUM(L, S) that reproduce beautiful star-filed and DigitalSky2 that describes the constellation pictures can be fully synchronized, a planet, a comet and an eclipse of the sun, the moon, etc., various celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena can be projected with scientific and exact images in the way of quick understanding.
Also, audience can travel in any direction in three dimensional space from the solar system to unlimited space, or time-slip to the star-filed of one million years in the past and the future satisfying them with intellectual curiosity.

More beautiful and more realistic Starry-Sky featuring high-luminance Fixed Stars.

GEMINISTAR III utilize the world' s first hybrid optical-fiber method for the fixed-star projection system.
By enhancing the efficiency of utilizing light, not only the bright fixed-star can be projected with less power consumption, but the bright stars can be reproduced as if the audience are in the real star-field with the small and brilliant star images which is made by the direct projection from the ending surface of the optical fiber.
It features an efficient metal halide light source with high color temperature producing the natural colors of stars more expressively with high fidelity.

The integrated system enables us to operate easily and to make show-program in high standard possible.

GEMINISTAR III has evolved the way of operation a great deal. Without awareness of the difference between an optical planetarium and a digital planetarium, the intuitive operation can be done freely in real time.
The integrated console panel has well designed layout with larger size of lettering, pictograph letter etc. on it adopting the universal design totally for easy operation.
Also, newly designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) has made the operation remarkably in higher grade.

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