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Preparation of the Eco & Art Exhibit
Preparation of the Eco & Art Exhibit

Konica Minolta Plaza, a gallery space managed by Konica Minolta in Tokyo, plays host to various events and exhibitions aimed at contributing to society, culture, and the arts. Among these are eco-themed exhibitions regularly held to convey the beauty of earth’s natural environment and its importance. In June 2012, an exhibition entitled “Ogasawara” was held, where visitors were invited to try an interactive exhibit to learn about nature in the Ogasawara Islands. A fund was raised through donations to support Yamashina Institute for Ornithology ’s project to protect the short-tailed albatross.
In addition, the Konica Minolta Eco and Art Exhibition has been held every year. Established in 2009, the exhibition calls for young, promising artists to submit works inspired by ideas and design that fuse environmental considerations with art, with the winning entries to be put on display at the exhibition. This year the exhibition presented 36 winning entries out of a total of 366 entries. Grand Prix recipients were selected on March 20, 2012.

Support for the Visually Challenged


PartnerVision, the 3D copying system provided by Konica Minolta, can reproduce braille texts and copies of graphic materials on specialty paper in three-dimensional format. By creating tactile graphs and maps with simple operations, the system supports the communication of information to the visually challenged.
This system is also used to create educational materials for special needs education schools for the visually impaired and to create guidance materials that enable visually challenged persons to enjoy and appreciate art exhibits.

Book Reproduction Publishing


Konica Minolta Business Solutions Polska s.p. z.o.o., a sales company of office equipment and solutions, launched a joint project in 2007 with the Foundation for Jagiellonian University, the oldest and most prestigious Polish university, to help protect the cultural heritage of Poland.
Konica Minolta has committed to providing support for the reprinting of seven books of great historical value. The books are being reprinted using Konica Minolta's digital printing system. The project completed reproduction of six books by 2010, and they have been distributed to major libraries in Poland.

Support for a Children's Museum


Support for a Children’s Museum
Children’s Museum SNM Bratislava

Konica Minolta Slovakia spol. s r. o., a sales company of office equipment and solutions, has been providing support for the Children's Museum SNM Bratislava since 2010. The museum is operated based on the concept of providing barrier free opportunities for discovery and learning, regardless of age or health issues. In addition to donating a color MFP, the company supports the activities of the museum by providing paper supplies and support services.

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