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Open environmental conference organised by Konica Minolta

Energy saving diagnosis at customer's factory

Konica Minolta strengthened its environmental strategy Eco Vision 2050 by adding a further ambitious goal : Carbon Minus concept.

Not only do we contribute to environment through supporting various charities and action, but we aim for contribution through our business and production expertise too.

Specifically, Konica Minolta shares its environmental expertise and knowledge as manufacturing business player through conferences, diagnosis visits and tools provided to companies (Green Marketing activity) and proposing to its supplier better actions for reducing environmental impact through encouraging them with motivating facts and figures (Green Suppliers Activity).

In accumulation since fiscal year 2014, Konica Minolta carried out environmental conferences in 1,103 different companies inviting almost 2,900 participants, simply of goodwill.

As of today, 14 main suppliers work with us to reduce their environmental impact.

Thus, Konica Minolta aims contributing to the Earth and society at greater scale.

Supporting a Marathon to Fund Tree-Planting in Ethiopia


Held in Rennes, the regional capital of Brittany in France, the Green Marathon is a charity run that helps sponsor a project to help with reforestation in Ethiopia, a country that loses 1,400km2 of forest each year. The marathon’s total contribution is calculated by the number of kilometers that the participants run. Konica Minolta Business Solutions France has provided support for the marathon since fiscal 2011, and has been a title sponsor since fiscal 2013.

Providing Environmental Education for Children

Hong Kong

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) has been running an environmental education program for children—the Emerald Education Program—in collaboration with the local environmental NGO Green Sense since fiscal 2012. The program offers a variety of hands-on experiences such as workshops on making soap from used oil, experiments with solar energy, and eco tours to observe rare creatures.

Organizing a “Green Concert”

Hong Kong

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd., a sales company for office equipment and solutions, has been holding its Konica Minolta Green Concert every year since 2010. It is an event that features environmental topics, sports, music, and charity, and draws public attention to energy issues and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. It also holds a competition to generate power by pedaling stationary bicycles in order to help cover the power needed for the concert. Funds raised during the competition are donated to a charity.

Supporting Forest Conservation Activities


Konica Minolta is a participant and a partner in a variety of forest protection initiatives. One of these is the Takao Forest Society. Focusing on the natural vegetation in the national forest located in Uratakao, in the western part of Tokyo Metropolis, the Society aims, by thinning the trees, planting more, clearing undergrowth, and so on, to re-create a lush forest where coniferous trees mingle with broad-leaved varieties. Konica Minolta is a corporate member of the Society, and the employees take part in its activities, working up a sweat for the cause of fostering better forests. In addition, the quarterly newsletter of the Society is printed using Konica Minolta's digital printing system.

Supporting a Charity for Protecting the Japanese Red-Crowned Crane


Not long ago, the number of red-crowned cranes* indigenous to Japan plummeted due to the deterioration of their native habitat. The bird was, for a time, on the verge of extinction. However, thanks to the establishment of the Tsurui Ito Red-Crowned Crane Sanctuary in 1987 by the Wild Bird Society of Japan, and to the protection activities undertaken by local residents and concerned organizations, the number of cranes has increased to more than 1,000. Konica Minolta has been a supporter of the crane-protection activities since the establishment of the sanctuary. As part of this effort, Konica Minolta co-sponsors the Konica Minolta Japanese Red-Crowned Crane Charity.

The red-crowned crane is a large bird with a white body and a patch of red on the crown of its head. Its habitat extends from eastern Eurasia to Hokkaido in Japan.

Community Beautification Activities

The Konica Minolta Group organizes clean-up and beautification activities in the neighborhoods around its business sites.

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