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Konica Minolta Basic Policy on Corporate Citizenship

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Konica Minolta makes Group-wide efforts to address social issues that it can contribute to through its businesses in order to be an entity that is essential to society. It is also committed to contributing to the creation of a sustainable society by continually engaging in activities that meet local challenges in the various countries where it operates.

As a global company, Konica Minolta aims to earn the confidence and trust of society and to be a good corporate citizen in the local communities where it operates across the world.
Konica Minolta will focus its contribution in the field of "The environment", "Health, medicine, and sports" and "Academic and research programs" based on the company's Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities.
Konica Minolta strives to cooperate with diverse stakeholders to the achievement of SDGs and promote social sustainability.

We support culture and the arts by operating gallery spaces in Japan, and assisting educational programs for children through a museum in Slovakia.

We help promote sports worldwide. The Konica Minolta Track and Field Club leads running classes across Japan, and we sponsor sports classes and track and field tournaments for children around the world.

We cooperate in Pink Ribbon activities for the early detection of breast cancer, and support the visually impaired around the world.

We focus on protecting the global environment. A cosponsor of the Red-Crowned Crane Charity, a program for protecting endangered species in Japan, we also run programs to educate children on the environment.

We support education in a variety of ways. In addition to developing planetariums for cities around the world, we also contribute to childhood education, including providing support for schools in China.

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