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Konica Minolta Basic Policy on Corporate Citizenship

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Konica Minolta makes Group-wide efforts to address social issues that it can contribute to through its businesses in order to be an entity that is essential to society. It is also committed to contributing to the creation of a sustainable society by continually engaging in activities that meet local challenges in the various countries where it operates.

Konica Minolta's Philosophy and Social Contribution

Konica Minolta sets its mission as "the Creation of New Value". The company exists for this very purpose: to use creative ideas to deliver tangible new value in order to resolve the challenges faced by customers and the broader society.

In order for companies to be sustainable in the times ahead, they will have to contribute to the resolution of social challenges while continuing to grow. In other words, they will be required to create new value for both the company and society.

Today's companies are also expected to take action to address wide-ranging social issues, such as those specified in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015.

Konica Minolta is no exception; our new Medium Term Business Plan, SHINKA 2019, embodies strong commitment to being a digital company with insight into implicit challenges to supporting and creating new value to contribute to the evolution of business and the society.

As a citizen of the world, Konica Minolta aims to become vital to the society, not only by providing new value through business but also by solving social challenges.

Konica Minolta's Contribution Fields and Strategy

Konica Minolta has identified the 6 material issues that to address with priority, with the aim of ensuring that its initiatives with a balance between social issues and business objectives.

In co-relation to its business strategy, Konica Minolta also set its strategic fields of social contribution :

  • Healthcare – in objective to deliver good-health and well-being to everyone, by enhancing the importance of early detection of disease, hence improvement of Quality of Life, Konica Minolta contributes to aging society and working female population's health through its technologies
  • Environment – as a manufacturer, Konica Minolta not only works on responsible production in the scope of its value chain, but also expanding its contribution to local communities and external parties in order to reduce environmental impact at a broader scale
  • Education and academics – Konica Minolta shares its expertise and competences for greater development of technologies through scientific societies and conferences, including Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation; not only Konica Minolta contributes in advanced technologies, but also in younger generation's education

Konica Minolta believes that contributing in the above fields using its resources and expertise would be of part in achievement of SDGs and for the greater good.

We cooperate in Pink Ribbon activities for the early detection of breast cancer, and support the visually impaired around the world.

Konica Minolta focuses on reducing environmental impact and protecting the global environment. We tackle this subject both from supporting charities, as well as through our business action and competences.

We support education in a variety of ways. In addition to developing planetariums for cities around the world, we also contribute to childhood education, including providing support for schools in China.

We help promote sports worldwide. The Konica Minolta Track and Field Club leads running classes across Japan, and we sponsor sports classes and track and field tournaments for children around the world.

Konica Minolta’s Social Contribution Achievement

During the fiscal year 2017 (fiscal year ended March 2018), Konica Minolta domestic group companies collectively made financial contribution of 169,465,932 JPY in Japan. (This includes monetary contributions of 19,123,000 JPY to specified public-service promotion corporations and other entities.)

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