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Compliance Promotion Activities

Disseminating the Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Making the Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior Handbook available via intranet in ten languages

Konica Minolta has established the Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, and all directors and employees of group companies in different countries and regions are required to follow it. To make sure all the employees around the world can correctly understand the Charter and put it into practice, a PDF version of the Charter in ten different languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Korean) has been made available on the Group’s intranet.
Furthermore, starting in January 2009, directors and managers of Group companies in Japan are required to submit compliance confirmation reports every year. This requirement is intended to reaffirm compliance to internal regulations and applicable local and global laws and regulations, as well as the practice of sensible and responsible conduct in line with the Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Konica Minolta Group Conduct Guidelines, and affirm the responsibility of the directors and managers to ensure that the members of their organizations understand and practice compliance.

Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Issuance of the Compliance Promotion Declaration by the Presidents of subsidiaries in and outside Japan

Newly appointed presidents of subsidiaries in and outside Japan prepared a declaration based on the Compliance Promotion Declaration made by the company president in January 2015.The companies use every opportunity to promote awareness of this document among employees of subsidiaries.

Guidance for the Charter of Corporate Behavior and Compliance Manuals Prepared for Each Region

In April 2011, the company published the Konica Minolta Group Guidance for the Charter of Corporate Behavior for all Group companies worldwide, as a reference for individual employees when implementing the Charter.
The Guidance states practices employees should follow, based on a common understanding of the items in the Charter. It also contains specific requirements concerning human rights and anti-corruption measures, which are stated as the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, joined by Konica Minolta in 2008.
Employees worldwide are required to follow their own Group company compliance manuals and codes of conduct, which are aligned with the social ethics and laws of their respective countries, using the Guidance as a base. In fiscal 2014, Konica Minolta formulated an Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery Policy in North America, indicating even more specific policies on the prevention of bribery, which had previously been included as part of the Code of Business Ethics. In 2016, the Compliance Manual (in Japanese), which clearly explains all items in the Guidance and provides specific examples, was revised to ensure alignment with Japan’s current laws and social ethics. It was distributed to all employees in Japan, including at subsidiaries, in an easy-to-read pamphlet. The company is also revising the China-specific version of the Compliance Manual (in Chinese and Japanese) to comply with the country’s latest laws and regulations and evolving social ethics.

Compliance Education

Conducting a broad range of compliance education in and outside Japan

Konica Minolta, Inc. provides its employees at each level with various educational programs on compliance. Programs are conducted for new hires, mid-career employees, mid-level employees, new managers, and new executives. Furthermore, seminars on laws regarding security export controls and subcontracting are held at Konica Minolta College, a program available to employees of all Group companies in Japan. Konica Minolta has also prepared intranet-based educational materials and e-learning programs to encourage education on themes related to specific laws, including the Antimonopoly Act, management of confidential information, protection of personal information, the Subcontract Act, and security export controls.
Each business division and Group company in Japan also conducts compliance education with characteristics suited to their respective business environments. The Healthcare Business Division, for example, conducts education on corruption prevention and transparency guidelines.
At Group companies outside Japan, the regional compliance coordinators formulate an annual compliance education plan and systematically conduct their own legal and compliance education based on each country’s laws.
The company also continued to hold compliance seminars for the presidents of Group companies that started in fiscal 2015 in and outside Japan. It completed compliance education for all the presidents of its subsidiaries in fiscal 2016. By providing these education programs, Konica Minolta aims to ensure that managers of subsidiaries have a high sense of ethics, and thus to promote compliance. Going forward, the Group plans to continue to hold these seminars for newly appointed presidents.

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