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Basic Concept

Promoting compliance, including corporate ethics and internal corporate rules

Compliance as Konica Minolta understands it is not simply obeying the laws of Japan and other countries, but also includes adherence to corporate ethics and internal corporate rules in consideration of the expectations of society; it is given top priority in all corporate activities. The Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior was created with this understanding. This charter, which is fundamental to Group governance, gives the principles that guide compliance for the entire Group. Moreover, in an effort to ensure thorough compliance, the Konica Minolta Group Guidance on the Charter of Corporate Behavior, which shows specific expected behaviors, was published in 2011 as a reference for employees of all Group companies worldwide to consult when implementing the Charter.
Konica Minolta is also building a system to help executive officers and employees of each Group company to practice compliance in their daily activities, while striving to foster a shared sense of value and create a corporate culture that fosters the compliance demanded by society.
Konica Minolta will continue to practice compliance on a global, group-wide scale, while taking into consideration differences in laws, cultures and customs found in various countries and regions.

Scope of Compliance at Konica Minolta

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