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Konica Minolta Group Conduct Guidelines

Konica Minolta Group Conduct Guidelines (excerpts)

Basic Approach

  1. We will observe all relevant laws and regulations, along with in-house rules and codes.
  2. We will respect social norms and will act in full awareness of corporate ethics, as well as common sense, so as to be accountable for our acts.
  3. We will seek to understand the Guidelines thoroughly, and to comply with them always.
  4. We will not violate the Guidelines under any circumstances, even to benefit the Company or increase profits, even if so instructed by our superiors; or if the Guidelines have long been violated by our predecessors and many other companies, or their violation has become industrial or national practice.

Products and Services

  • We will provide our customers with useful, safe and high-quality products and services. (Five other items under this article)

Fair Transactions

  • We will observe the Anti-Trust Act or its equivalent and carry out fair, transparent transactions, duly respecting free competition between enterprises. (10 other items under this article)

Export and Import Procedures/Regulations

  • We will abide by all relevant laws, regulations and in-house rules concerning export control, to ensure that our products and technologies cannot be misappropriated as tools that could threaten peace and security. (Two other items under this article)

Protection of Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

  • We will thoroughly protect the confidential information of both our Company and third parties, in full recognition of the importance of confidentiality. (Four other items under this article)

Communication and Information Disclosure

  • We will actively disclose information in a fair and timely manner, including information whose disclosure is not required by law or regulation. (Four other items under this article)

Environmental Protection

  • We will work to develop, produce and market environment-conscious products and services that have minimal impact on the environment throughout their lifecycles. (One more item under this article)

Contribution to Society

  • We will seek to develop friendly and mutually beneficial relations with local communities. (One more item under this article)

Corporate opposition to antisocial forces

  • We will take all precautions to never have relations with antisocial forces. (One more item under this article)

Respect for employees

  • We respect the equality of men and women and will not conduct behavior that may be considered as sexual harassment. (Three other items under this article)

Internal Politics and Regulations

  • We will comply with all applicable internal policies, rules, regulations and manuals.(Six other items under this article)

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