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Employment of people with disabilities

Special Subsidiary “Konica Minolta With You, Inc.” Promotes Employment of People with Disabilities

Instilling the Konica Minolta Philosophy

Konica Minolta established the special subsidiary Konica Minolta With You, Inc. in September 2013 with the purpose of supporting the independence of people with disabilities by offering them meaningful employment.
The phrase "With You" in the company name is meant to convey the hope that people with disabilities can live together "with" everyone else, not that something be done "for" them.
At Konica Minolta With You, employees with mental and physical disabilities engage in such work as digital printing and contingent tasks, grounds maintenance, document shredding, planting and greenery work, serving tea, and company history management.
The employment rate of people with disabilities was 2.19% as of June 1, 2017.
(Coverage: Konica Minolta Inc., Konica Minolta With You, Inc., Konica Minolta Japan, Inc., Kinko's Japan Co., Ltd., and Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd.)

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