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Globalizing Human Resources

Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

As the globalization of business continues to accelerate, incorporating a global perspective in management is essential to meeting the needs of diverse customers around the world. Companies like Konica Minolta seek to hire, promote and maximize the skills of employees with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds in order to accurately identify the issues faced by different countries and regions.


Konica Minolta hires and trains individuals with diverse backgrounds. The company aims to address the needs of customers globally and to create new value that goes beyond previous concepts by building dynamic networks of employees and promoting collaboration among people with different strengths and experiences.

Key Measures

  • Proactively hiring and training non-Japanese employees in Japan
  • Developing human resources based on global standardized evaluation criteria
  • Sharing a global perspective through the Global Strategy Council

Building a Global Workplace

Konica Minolta has created a platform (system, tools, and philosophy) for training personnel and making the most of their skills in an effort to boost the collective strength of its employees. While further defining roles at the global, regional, and individual company levels, the Group is pursuing global personnel training and deployment as “One Konica Minolta.”

Hiring Global Talent in Japan

Konica Minolta proactively hires non-Japanese employees and Japanese people with experience living outside Japan, in hiring new graduates in Japan. These global human resources are intended to strengthen the ability of the company's workforce to perform in the international community.
Konica Minolta is gradually increasing these hires to a target of about 30% of the workforce. The company makes the most of the diverse perspectives and skills that these individuals possess to bring new energy to its business.

Hiring of Global Human Resources in Fiscal 2016 (Joining in April 2017)

  • Percentage of non-Japanese employees, of new hires in Japan: 15%

Dynamically Deploying Global Human Resources

Konica Minolta is building a human resource management system in North America, Europe, China and other regions in Asia. Globally standardized evaluation criteria will be used to assess executives and match employees with job opportunities.
Konica Minolta organizes a Global Strategy Council—a collegial body composed of top managers from both in and outside of Japan—to ensure that the knowledge and perspectives of executives from Group companies outside of Japan are incorporated in the management of the Group. In fiscal 2016, the number of participants from outside Japan was increased from three to six, and they had invigorating discussions on medium- and long-term management issues with executives of Konica Minolta, Inc.
In addition to two meetings per year in Japan, the Global Strategy Council also meets online to ensure that discussions with executives at overseas sites are active.

Global Strategy Council

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