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Utilizing Employee Experiences Gained Outside the Company and Abroad

Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

In order to connect the promotion of diversity to the creation of innovation, it is important to build a team of employees with diversity in nationality, race, gender, age, and expertise, while also having individual employees with diverse experiences and perspectives. Konica Minolta believes in generating innovation by ensuring that diverse employees share ideas based on different perspectives.


Konica Minolta actively hires people in mid-career and people from outside of Japan. In addition, employees are encouraged to gain broad experience and knowledge outside the company and venues are provided for diverse human resources to share ideas. By generating innovation with these measures, the company aims to meet the needs of global customers and to create new value that goes beyond existing concepts.

Key Measures

  • Actively recruting recruitment of mid-career human resources and personnel from outside of Japan
  • Providing opportunities to gain experience and knowledge outside of the company
  • Promoting exchanges among employees globally and providing venues for innovation creation where diverse employees can inspire and learn from each other

Assignment of Non-Japanese Human Resources and Mid-Career Hires in Japan

Even in Japan, where most companies recruit only new Japanese university graduates all at once, Konica Minolta, Inc. actively hires mid-career employees to help create innovation. The company also actively recruits new university graduates who are not Japanese, as well as Japanese graduates with experience living abroad.

  • Percentage of mid-career hires among total recruitment: 45% (FY2017)
  • Percentage of non-Japanese nationals among new hires: 14% (who joined the company in April 2018)

Providing Opportunities to Gain Experience and Knowledge Outside the Company

In fiscal 2017, Konica Minolta, Inc. began encouraging employees to engage in outside projects, while also introducing a job return system, with the aim of strengthening individual diversity through experience outside the company. In fiscal 2017, it also launched an overseas dispatch program to allow young human resources to experience being "refined by fire" overseas at an early stage so that they can establish their own identity.
Through these initiatives, the company seeks to further enhance its diversity, by strengthening individual diversity and increasing the number of human resources with diverse experiences and knowledge.

Encouraging Employees to Engage in Outside Projects, and Introduces a Job Return System

Fostering Young Human Resources Through Experiences Gained Abroad

Provision of Innovation Creation Places

Konica Minolta, Inc. aims to encourage interaction between employees across the company's internal organizational boundaries, and to provide places for innovation creation where employees can inspire and learn from each other. Accordingly, since April 2017, employees have been allowed to use company facilities, such as cafeterias, as venues for human resource exchanges.
In addition, in order to encourage employee-led personnel exchange events, assistance is provided to cover expenses, based on proposals submitted to the Human Resources Department.

Performance in 3rd quarter of fiscal 2017: Times networking used: 72 (2,734 participants)
Of which, events planned by employees themselves: 14 (207 participants)

Human resource exchange event organized by employees

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