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Making the Most of Employee Diversity to Create New Value

One of Konica Minolta’s strengths as a global company is that employees of different national origins, races, beliefs, cultures, languages, genders, ages and expertise work together in regions all over the world. It is this diversity that leads to innovative thinking and original ideas, thus generating new value that helps provide solutions for customers and society.
This kind of value creation embodies the concept of “Inclusive and Collaborative,” one of the six values that makes up the Konica Minolta Philosophy. This value refers to the power and collaboration generated by embracing our workforce’s diverse backgrounds and ideas.
In addition to human resource diversity, Konica Minolta also recognizes the diversity of capabilities demonstrated by its diverse teams, and will keep striving to create even greater value by leveraging various differences.
Konica Minolta, Inc. prioritizes ensuring diversity and inclusion and to pursue these principles to create new value for customers and society while driving the company’s own advancement.
Konica Minolta, Inc, not only has a very diverse workforce, but also takes a wide range of measures to create an environment where employees can exercise their own unique skills while supporting each other and performing at a high level. Recently, Konica Minolta has focused on promoting the performance of its female employees and training global leaders. Adding to the results of these efforts, further innovation is driven by the mutual invigoration that takes place when employees each perform at their full potential.

Diversity Promotion System

At Konica Minolta, the president is responsible for promoting diversity, and the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Office drives the relevant initiatives.
The office plans and implements various measures including training for employees, awareness-building activities, and internal status surveys, and it regularly reports the results of these initiatives to the president. The importance of the diversity and inclusion efforts is communicated by the president personally in and outside the company, along with the achievements.
In fiscal 2014, Konica Minolta launched its medium-term business plan, TRANSFORM 2016, targeting success in the IoT era. In fiscal 2017, the new plan, SHINKA 2019, was introduced, under which the company is promoting business transformation with the aim of becoming a truly global company of excellence. It goes without saying that innovative human resources are needed to accelerate digital transformation (DX) and achieve this business transformation. The concept of diversity and inclusion is more important than ever before, and it is critical that this be reflected in the actions of employees. Against this backdrop, in fiscal 2017, Konica Minolta, Inc. established the Corporate Diversity Office, reporting directly to the president, reflecting the president’s strong commitment to promote diversity. In April 2019, the organization’s name was changed to the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Office reflecting Konica Minolta’s decision to be inclusive of diverse individual personalities and to bring everyone together to drive innovation.
The Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Office is working to foster an organizational culture that embraces all kinds of personalities, values everyone's individuality equally, and brings together diverse individuals to create a powerful force. Konica Minolta continues to promote the active advancement of female employees, which it has been emphasizing since fiscal 2016, and is working on various initiatives in this area. Recognizing the importance of fairness in job assignment and equal-opportunity hiring, as well as the relevant issues, the company conducts fact-finding surveys and analyzes them.
The Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Office is striving to ensure a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion among employees, and since fiscal 2016, it has been working to support the success of Konica Minolta’s female employees. The office also continues to work with various departments to promote the participation of international employees and people with disabilities by creating an organizational culture that respects not only diversity in attributes, such as gender and nationality, but also diversity in values and views of life.

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