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Making the Most of Employee Diversity to Create New Value

One of Konica Minolta’s strengths as a global company is that employees of different national origins, races, beliefs, cultures, languages, genders, ages and expertise work together in regions all over the world. It is this employee diversity that leads to innovative thinking and original ideas, thus generating new value that helps to resolve issues for customers and society.
This kind of value creation is the very embodiment of “Inclusive and Collaborative,” one of the six values that makes up the Konica Minolta Philosophy. This value refers to the power and teamwork generated by embracing diverse people and ideas. Konica Minolta strives to live up to this value, respecting diversity and promoting inclusion to create value that leads to progress for customers, society, and individuals.
Konica Minolta not only has a very diverse workforce, but also takes a wide range of measures to create an environment where employees can exercise their own unique skills while supporting each other and performing at a high level. Recently, in support of these measures, Konica Minolta has focused on promoting the performance of its female employees and training global leaders. These efforts are paying.

Creating new value

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