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Fair Compensation

Developing systems that promote the activation of human resources

Konica Minolta, Inc. has developed a human resources system with the aim of enabling employees to maximize their capabilities and maintain a fulfilling work life while assisting in their ongoing personal growth. The company has taken an approach to employee compensation that eliminates the seniority wage system and instead adopts a performance-driven system designed to ensure that salaries and promotions are based on a fair assessment of employee’ abilities and performance.

Professional Competence Assessment System

Konica Minolta, Inc. has adopted the Professional Competence Assessment System, which is based on each employee's demonstrated level of skill, and conduct evaluations, training, and compensation based on the employee’s level of competence. In addition to the General Course, which is the basic competence assessment standard, Konica Minolta has established the Innovation Course for those who can act with a greater degree of discretion in their work and achieve higher levels of performance. Employees can choose the course they prefer, with the Group’s approval.

Personnel Assessment and Treatment System for General Employees Revised

The personnel assessment and treatment system for general employees was revised in April 2016.

Konica Minolta Inc. will work at a faster pace than before to develop human resources prepared to win within the context of global corporate competition, aiming to create an organization that continues to provide customers with more new value. In order to sustain this development speed, the company revised its personnel assessment and treatment system for general employees and started using the new system in April 2016. Going forward, Konica Minolta will evaluate at a higher level than before human resources who act in accordance with the Konica Minolta Philosophy and take on the challenge of pursuing high goals without fear of failure.

Personnel System Revitalizing Human Resources

Introducing a system that expands opportunities for employees to develop their talents

Open Job Posting and Free Agent Systems

As a complement to the Group’s company-led system of personnel assignments, Konica Minolta, Inc. has introduced the Internal Open Job Posting System and the Free Agent (FA) System, which encourage employees to request transfers to new positions on their own. These systems will help produce employees willing to undertake new positions in building their own careers and create a corporate culture that respects the desire to challenge oneself in new ways.

Konica Minolta, Inc. has introduced the Internal Open Job Posting System, which allows employees to apply for open positions posted by departments looking for personnel.

Launched in May 2010, the Free Agent (FA) System allows employees wishing to take on the challenge of a new type of job or department to post their application on the intranet. Departments with open positions review the employees’ posts, call promising candidates in for interviews, and if both the department and the employee agree, the employee is transferred to the new job.

With these two systems in place, Konica Minolta continues to facilitate the fluid movement of human resources across the Group and to support employees’ self-determination in shaping their own careers.

Human Resource Development

Developing human resources globally and locally

Since fiscal 2010, the Group has run a Global Executive Program (GEP) for executives at affiliated companies around the world, with the aim of developing business leaders. As of the end of fiscal 2014, the program had been held nine times with 148 people from 60 companies participating.

The goals of the GEP are to raise participants’ awareness as business leaders within the Konica Minolta Group and to enable participants to forge a global network of personal contacts among themselves. During the one-week program, participants embrace a global mindset and develop their leadership skills through face-to-face discussions with top managers and debates among themselves.

Since fiscal 2013, the Group has also held a Regional GEP, bringing together manager-level personnel with the aim of developing potential future executives in each region. The first Regional GEP was held in China, and the second was held in Singapore in May 2015.

Global Executive Program session

Hiring People with International Experience and Promoting Employee Interaction Worldwide

In Japan, Konica Minolta seeks to acquire talent regardless of nationality and gender when hiring recent college graduates, aiming to bring on more personnel who can succeed in international society.
Furthermore, the Group has a program for employees of Group companies outside Japan to develop human resources who can serve as bridges between their home country and Japan after gaining experience working in Japan for a period of several months or two to three years.
Additionally, Konica Minolta, Inc. has implemented a short overseas training program for young Japanese employees who are sent to the U.S. for six months to improve their cross-cultural communication skills and expand their views through practical experience and language training at local universities.

Training program participant spending time with local people

Personal Training

By supporting the growth of each employee and actively cultivating the next generation of human resources, Konica Minolta, Inc. is taking steps to improve the vitality of the entire Group.

To enhance the training results of on-the-job development (OJD),* the Group conducts a variety of knowledge and skill development seminars and position-based training for employees who assume new positions and roles. Educational programs to supplement those listed above are also being developed. Konica Minolta also provides selective training programs for the development of next-generation leaders and engineers.

A total of approximately 10,100 people took the training programs provided in fiscal 2014 (including rank-based training and the Konica Minolta College).

* OJD: A variation of on-the-job training (OJT), OJD refers to the development of abilities while facing real-life work challenges, under the guidance of a superior.

Executive Development Program

This program increases participants’ aspirations and outlook and encourages their self-awareness and resolution as executives through experience and training in which the executives themselves are deeply involved. The purpose of the program is to create an executive team for tomorrow that surpasses the capabilities of today’s executive team. Participants cultivate insight and polish their human qualities by learning the level of ability required as a true executive through dialogues with top executives from outside the company and by engaging in serious discussions with executives about management issues.

Business Leader Program

This program is designed to cultivate the future business leaders of Konica Minolta. Each time, the program is conducted for about 20 employees, particularly management candidates who have been recommended by upper-level management to the program. Over the course of one year, participants learn to develop the basic skills, business creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset needed in business management through experiential learning exercises and lectures. At the end of the course, the participants have a chance to present new business proposals in a meeting attended by corporate executives.

Business Leader Program
Business Leader Program

Challenge Engineers Forum

This one-year program is conducted for about 20 employees selected each time from among all the young engineers who apply. The governing board members are selected from the engineering departments of each of the Group companies. Under the guidance of the governing board members, participants attend various training sessions and develop, research, and present proposals related to forward-looking topics. This forum plays a significant role in facilitating exchange activities among colleagues from different workplaces and areas of expertise.

Challenge Engineers Forum
Challenge Engineers Forum

Management Program for Engineers

This is a program aimed at cultivating the next generation of leaders in the technology and development departments. Each year, about 20 managers are selected and the program is conducted over a period of five months. Participants acquire the mindset and skills needed in the management of technology through case studies, proposal of new projects, and the resolution of MOT challenges in their own departments. Personnel who complete the program are expected to play active roles as leaders who promote innovative changes in their own departments.

MOT Manager Selection Program

Konica Minolta College

This educational program is open to all Konica Minolta employees, with class enrollment available through the Group's intranet system. The college currently offers about 100 courses, ranging from business and technical skill enhancement to other e-learning topics. These courses can help employees acquire Konica Minolta's own technology and other critical business skills.

Konica Minolta College
Konica Minolta College

Age-based Career Design Training

This is a program to support career development at turning-point ages (30, 40, 50, and 55), in order to provide employees with opportunities to think about their careers in light of contributions to the company and their own job satisfaction and to support their own development. Participants think about their future vision through awareness of the environment and self-analysis. After the training, they have an interview with a superior, full-time advisor and work towards independent self-fulfillment.

Career Design Training
Age-based Career Design Training

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