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Respecting the Rights of Employees

Respect for Human Rights and Elimination of Discrimination

The entire Group is committed to showing respect for the rights of all employees.

The entire Konica Minolta Group is committed to showing respect for the human rights of each and every employee. The Group seeks to enable all employees to enhance their abilities and professional skills and achieve their career goals. This aspiration is articulated in the Konica Minolta Group Guidance for Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Compliance Manual, where Konica Minolta states its commitment as follows:

  • We respect individuality, human rights, and the privacy of all of our employees.
  • We seek to eliminate discrimination of all kinds, whether based on race, nationality, gender, religion, belief, or physical disability.
  • We seek to eliminate child labor and forced labor.
  • We endeavor to create a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Konica Minolta also strives to ensure that all employees are aware of these priorities.
Konica Minolta makes it a rule to strictly confirm the age of applicants when hiring new employees. By taking such steps, it ensures that there is no possibility of the occurrence of child labor in the Group. Steps are also taken to ensure there is no instance of forced labor.

As part of its efforts to promote compliance, Konica Minolta has established consultation offices for addressing human rights violations in each of its host countries.

Harassment Prevention

Striving to create an environment with zero tolerance for harassment

To protect employees against sexual harassment or the abuse of power in the workplace, Konica Minolta has included a prohibition against harassment in the Konica Minolta Group Conduct Guidelines and the Compliance Manual. The Group has also established its Sexual Harassment Prevention Guidelines and strives to educate employees by conducting harassment prevention training.
As part of its efforts to promote compliance, Konica Minolta has established consultation offices for addressing harassment complaints in each of its host countries.

Motivating Treatment

The Konica Minolta Group abides by minimum wage rules in each region and strives to maintain a wage level at which employees can work with motivation.

Labor-Management Relations

Promoting constructive communication between labor and management

Konica Minolta takes part in the UN Global Compact and upholds freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. The Konica Minolta Labor Union of Konica Minolta, Inc. maintains a sizable membership of 5,658 as of March 31, 2016.

Labor-management agreements are concluded between workers and the Group's management, and representatives of both parties hold constructive discussions at management meetings. Many of the Group's other companies also have their own labor unions or employee associations, and these have allowed the companies to build good labor-management relations.

As of March 31, 2016, the worldwide membership of the Group’s labor unions stood at 86% of non-management employees.

Advance Notification of Personnel Transfers

Konica Minolta, Inc., makes it a practice to put forward proposals to the labor union at least one month in advance for personnel transfers involving relocation, and at least two weeks in advance for all other personnel transfers.
It also makes it a practice to consult with the labor union in advance about policy and standards when, for business reasons, it plans to reassign, transfer to a different workplace, second, or transfer to different teams, a large number of union members.

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