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Employee Diversity

Fostering a corporate culture that values diversity

A culture that fosters diverse, new ways of thinking is essential to an organization's ability to contribute new value to an increasingly diversified global society. Based on the idea that diverse human resources are the source of the company’s growth, Konica Minolta promotes diversity on a group-wide basis to establish an organizational structure that allows employees with a variety of ideas and backgrounds to demonstrate their capabilities.

Accordingly, Konica Minolta, Inc. has been moving to expand diversity by increasing the number of foreign nationals employed. The company has also continued its initiative started in 2010 to support women by helping them use their abilities to the fullest by making a variety of female employee career development programs readily available.

Building a Global Workplace

Konica Minolta has created a platform (system, tools, and philosophy) for training personnel and making the most of their skills in an effort to boost the collective strength of its employees. While further defining roles at the global, regional, and individual company levels, the Group is pursuing global personnel training and deployment as “One Konica Minolta.”

Expanding the Global Strategy Council, a Consultative Organization Consisting of Top Management Members

Konica Minolta established the Global Strategy Council in fiscal 2013 to make use of the knowledge and viewpoints of executives from sites outside Japan to facilitate its Group management. In the first year, two top managers from Konica Minolta Inc. and two top managers from sales bases in Europe and the United States met as members of the council for four sessions. The results were reflected in the ensuing medium-term business plan. In fiscal 2015, the management team of Konica Minolta Inc. held lively discussions with three executives from sites outside Japan about medium- to long-term business issues. In fiscal 2016, it will increase the size of these discussions to six executives from Europe, the US, and Asia and continue to consider business plans from a global perspective.

Supporting Career Development of Women

Konica Minolta, Inc. has put a number of career development programs for women in place since fiscal 2010 in order to further encourage female employees to fulfill their potential. In fiscal 2014, it implemented a program for women selected from those at the section chief level for having potential as managers and assisted them in their career development plans while also providing them with leadership training. The Group also holds meetings to explain its promotion policy for female employees to the supervisors of the women chosen for this program, and it is implementing a six-month support program with mentors other than the supervisors in charge of guidance and training.

As of the end of fiscal 2014, Konica Minolta, Inc. had 945 female employees, of which 554 were rearing children.

Hiring of Persons with Disabilities

Special Subsidiary “Konica Minolta With You, Inc.” Promotes Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Konica Minolta established the special subsidiary Konica Minolta With You, Inc. in September 2013 with the purpose of supporting the independence of persons with disabilities by offering them meaningful employment.
The phrase “With You” in the company name is meant to convey the hope that persons with disabilities can live together “with” everyone else, not that something be done “for” them.
At Konica Minolta With You, employees with mental and physical disabilities engage in such work as digital printing and contingent tasks, grounds maintenance, document shredding, planting and greenery work, serving tea, and company history management.
The employment rate for persons with disabilities was 2% as of June 1, 2016.
(Following the establishment of the special subsidiary Konica Minolta With You, Inc., the total for Konica Minolta Inc., Konica Minolta With You, Inc., Konica Minolta Japan, Inc., Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd., and Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd.)

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Finding ways to help employees balance work-life responsibilities

Konica Minolta, Inc. is striving to enhance its system of providing the support employees need to achieve a satisfying work-life balance. The goal is to ensure that employees are able to fully demonstrate their skills and capabilities in the workplace while also achieving a fulfilling personal life that includes family, community, and self-development.

A program allowing employees to work at home during child-rearing years was introduced in October 2009. This system allows employees to work from home one to two days per week. The program is steadily building up a record of use, including by men. In April 2014, the option was also made available for employees who want to work at home in order to care for family members.

Additionally, beginning in April 2015, the company has been promoting workstyle reforms with the aim of pursuing both work-life balance and higher labor productivity with each employee, increasing his or her abilities. As part of that initiative, the company has instituted a policy that in principle prohibits overtime work after 8:00 p.m. in order to promote a change in mentality regarding time and to encourage a rethinking of the way people work.

Indicators related to work-life balance

Results from fiscal 2015

  • Rate of paid leave taken: 57.5%
  • Average annual overtime working hours per person: 58 hours
  • Total annual actual working hours per person: 1,787 hours

(Scope: Regular employees of Konica Minolta, Inc.)

See the Human Resources Data Summary for a record of use of work-life balance support programs.

“Kurumin” certification acquired from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Having achieved the goals established in an action plan formulated based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and having met specified criteria, Konica Minolta, Inc. received the Kurumin certification, a designation awarded by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to enterprises in recognition of their efforts to support childrearing.

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