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Corporate Governance

Basic Views

Konica Minolta decided on the Company’s basic views and described them on the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance.

Overview of the Corporate Governance Systems

  1. Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors acts as the Company’s ultimate decision-making body and supervises the execution of business.
    To ensure that sufficient time is spent in making important management decisions, substantial authority is delegated to the President and CEO, while matters to be resolved by the Board of Directors are limited to important matters.
    Moreover, the Board of Directors makes decisions in an adequate and timely manner regarding the Medium Term Business Plan, outlines of annual plans and business restructuring, etc. that have been instituted by the Company as basic management policy. In making such decisions, the Company’s Inside Directors and Outside Directors engage in intensive deliberations while considering the views of shareholders and various other stakeholders.
  2. Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee
    The Company has adopted the “company with three committees” framework, and has accordingly established the Nominating, Audit and Compensation Committees. Those committees are set up with the aim of enabling operations in line with the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance above.

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