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Giving Shape to Ideas

Corporate Governance

Basic Views

Konica Minolta, Inc. has established a corporate governance framework from the standpoint of supervision. This is based on the conviction that corporate governance that contributes to medium- and long-term corporate value growth must encourage suitable risk-taking in business operations and have a highly effective supervisory function for business operations.

In 2003, the “company with committees” structure (currently “company with three committees”) was selected as the organizational structure in accordance with Japan’s Companies Act. In addition, the company has taken steps to ensure its governance system is objective and not overly influenced by personalities, while still operating the system in a distinctive Konica Minolta style. The company’s basic views with regard to its governance system are as follows.

  • Ensuring management oversight for corporate value growth by separating the roles of management oversight and operation of business activities
  • Election of independent outside directors who can perform supervision from the standpoint of shareholders
  • Using these measures for improving the transparency, integrity and efficiency of management

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