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Criteria on the Independence of Outside Directors

The following types of people are ineligible to serve as outside directors at Konica Minolta. Our Nomination Committee selects outside director candidates with a high level of independence, provided that none of the following criteria apply.

(1) Person affiliated with Konica Minolta

  • Former employee of the Konica Minolta Group
  • Having a family member (spouse, child, or any blood or marital relative twice removed or less) that has served as a director, executive officer, auditor or top manager in the Konica Minolta Group during the past five years

(2) Person affiliated with a major supplier/client

  • Currently serving as a managing director, executive officer, or employee of a major supplier/client company/group that receives 2% or more of its consolidated sales from the Konica Minolta Group or vice versa

(3) Specialized service provider (lawyer, accountant, tax accountant, patent lawyer, judicial scrivener, or a consultant for management, finance, technology, or marketing)

  • Specialized service provider that received annual compensation of ¥5 million or more from the Konica Minolta Group during the past two years

(4) Other

  • A shareholder holding more than 10% of the voting rights in the company (executive directors, executives, or employees in the case of a corporate body)
  • A director taking part in a director exchange
  • A director, executive officer, auditor or equivalent position-holder of a company that competes with the Konica Minolta Group, or someone holding 3% or more of the shares of a competing company (who is not eligible to be a director of any kind)
  • Having some other conflict of interest with the Konica Minolta Group

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