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Responsible Supply Chain

Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

The Konica Minolta Group recognizes that, around the world, many people are forced to work with no respect to their rights or in deplorable conditions, and that children and foreigners (migrants) are particularly vulnerable to this. The Group also understands that companies must fulfill their social responsibilities, including making improvements in the areas of labor issues (human rights), ethics, the environment and health and safety, not only related to their own products, but also along the entire supply chain involved in delivering these products to customers.


Konica Minolta is seeking for establishing a sustainable society that respects human rights. Konica Minolta fully cooperates with its suppliers in procurement, production and logistics activities to resolve social issues, such as respecting for human rights. The Group raises corporate value of not only its own as well as its business partners’, and to ensure that customers can buy products with peace of mind, thus contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Key Measures and KPIs

CSR procurement

  • CSR activity participation requests to suppliers: 100% implementation
  • CSR assessments: By the end of fiscal 2019, completion at all Group production sites and at approximately 120 important suppliers sites
  • CSR Audits: By the end of fiscal 2019, completion at two important Group productions sites, and at two particularly important suppliers sites

Addressing the issue of conflict minerals

  • Response to customer survey requests: 100% fulfill

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