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Socially Responsible Logistics

Konica Minolta’s Initiatives for Socially Responsible Logistics

Pursuing socially responsible logistics practices by expanding the scope of CSR activities to logistics partners

In cooperation with DHL Supply Chain Ltd., Konica Minolta is working hard to ensure that partners contracted to provide logistics services are using socially responsible business practices. This initiative is conducted in cooperation with logistics partners to improve issues and strengthen measures in CSR-related issues in areas such as labor (human rights), ethics, safety and health, and environmental preservation. Through this initiative, the Group seeks to solve social issues while working together with logistics partners to increase Konica Minolta’s corporate value by ensuring that customers can purchase its products with peace of mind, knowing that CSR has been taken into account throughout the supply chain.*

Supply chain: The series of activities involved in delivering a product or service to a customer, ranging from procurement and production to logistics and sales.

Fiscal 2015 Targets and Results

Fiscal 2015 Targets Fiscal 2015 Results
  • Make CSR requests to partners and conduct CSR assessments
  • Made CSR requests to and conducted CSR assessments on eight partners

CSR Requests to Partners

Logistics partners are requested to take action on CSR according to Konica Minolta’s procurement policies and the Konica Minolta Supplier Code of Conduct, in order to ensure that they understand and promote the CSR procurement policies and standards required by Konica Minolta.
In fiscal 2015, CSR requests were made to eight partners.

CSR Assessments Using a Self-assessment Questionnaire

CSR assessments using a self-assessment questionnaire are conducted on key logistics partners in order to assess their level of implementation of the Konica Minolta Supplier Code of Conduct.
In fiscal 2015, CSR assessments were conducted on eight partners, all of which received the target Rank of B or higher.

Rank A 67%  Rank B 33%  Rank C 0%
CSR Assessment Results for Partners

Fiscal 2016 Targets and Plans

Fiscal 2016 Initiatives Fiscal 2016 Targets (KPI)
  • Make improvements based on CSR assessment results
  • Improvements completed 100%

Improvements based on CSR Assessment Results

The CSR assessment results for fiscal 2015 were Rank A and Rank B, thus achieving the target. However, the evaluations were low for some items. Improvement plans will be formulated for items with low evaluations and efforts made to make improvement.
In cooperation with DHL Supply Chain, Konica Minolta will support business partners, including proposing specific improvement measures based on Konica Minolta’s knowledge.

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