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Approach to CSR Activities in the Supply Chain

Working to establish a sustainable society in which human rights are respected

Konica Minolta’s vision for CSR activities in the supply chain* is to establish a sustainable society in which human rights are respected. Konica Minolta believes that it is important to increase the corporate value not only of the Group but also of its suppliers by working together to address respect for human rights and resolving social issues within procurement, production, and logistics operations, thereby enabling customers to purchase products with peace of mind.
With respect to CSR activities, Konica Minolta plans to support suppliers, including the training of internal assessors, in conjunction with the identification and improvement of issues through CSR assessments and audits using a self-assessment questionnaire to help suppliers achieve their independent initiatives.
Through these initiatives, Konica Minolta can provide customers with CSR-oriented products, increase not only its own corporate value but also that of its suppliers, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Supply chain: The series of activities involved in delivering a product or service to a customer, ranging from procurement and production to distribution and sales.

Konica Minolta’s CSR Activities in the Supply Chain

Policies on Procurement

Establishing supply chain policies and continuously pursuing improvements

In fiscal 2008, the Konica Minolta Group established the Konica Minolta Procurement Policy as a policy covering procurement activities overall in order to promote initiatives related to fair procurement. The basic stance of the policy is based on the key words, “open,” “fair,” “global,” “compliance,” and “ecology.” The policy also clarifies requests to suppliers.

Building on this policy, the Group established the Konica Minolta Code of Conduct for Suppliers based on the exact text of the EICC* Code of Conduct when Konica Minolta joined the EICC in fiscal 2013, and the Group has defined the scope and standards for supplier initiatives. In addition, in fiscal 2014, the Group established the Konica Minolta Conflict Minerals Compliance Policy, based on which it is taking steps to address conflict mineral issues.

EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition): An organization promoting CSR in the supply chain for the electronics industry.

Konica Minolta Procurement Policy

The Konica Minolta Group pursues customer satisfaction by creating innovative products and services that contribute to the development of society, according to our management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value.” In procurement activities, we establish firm partnerships with our suppliers based on fairness and transparency, and aim to build a sustainable society by fulfilling social responsibilities with our suppliers.

  1. OPEN

    We will build transparent and reliable relationships with our suppliers and manage procurement in an open manner, while sharing objectives from a long-term and global perspective.

  2. FAIR

    We will carry out transactions under the principle of free competition with rational evaluation criteria, and seek mutual benefit with suppliers.


    We will have a global outlook and carry out procurement in the regions that best suit our operational needs.


    We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations, corporate ethics, and internal policies and regulations.


    We will contribute to the international society and local communities by striving to take the lead in environmental protection, while reducing the impact of our operations on ecosystems.

Request to Suppliers

Based on strong partnerships with our suppliers, we ask our suppliers to focus on the following areas in order to increase customer satisfaction and fulfill social responsibilities.

  1. Excellent quality

    Ensuring the safety of products and services, including compliance with the safety standards of each country and region, and improving quality to meet the demands of customers

  2. Reasonable prices

    Pursuing prices with market competitiveness

  3. Response to changes in demand

    Developing a stable supply system that can respond flexibly to changes in demand

  4. Compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics

    Complying with all laws and regulations of each country and region, and with corporate ethics

  5. Environmental protection

    Undertaking environmentally conscious business activities and material procurement

  6. Respect for the human rights of workers

    Respecting basic human rights, including the prohibition of child labor, forced labor, and discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, and any other grounds

  7. Health and safety

    Providing safe and clean work environments

  8. Information security

    Continuously improving information security

  9. Firm management foundation

    Building a firm management foundation to ensure a continuous and stable supply of materials

April 1, 2014
Konica Minolta, Inc.
President and CEO
Shoei Yamana

System for Promoting CSR Procurement

Establishing a system for promoting CSR throughout the supply chain

Konica Minolta has established a system to promote CSR procurement and address conflict mineral issues throughout the Group and is determined to fulfill its social responsibility across the entire supply chain.
Under the Group CSR Procurement Manager, who is an executive officer with responsibility and authority related to CSR activities in supply chain for the entire Group, this system consists of the overall managers of each business division. They review progress related to CSR procurement and conflict mineral issues throughout the Group and authorize targets and action plans.

Konica Minolta’s system for promoting CSR procurement

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