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Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Corporations, in addition to being economic entities engaged in the pursuit of profit through fair competition, should be beneficial to society at large. For this reason, Konica Minolta Group shall behave in a socially responsible manner and shall have all of its directors, officers, and employees clearly acknowledge the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Senior management shall recognize that the fulfillment of the spirit of this Charter is its own role and responsibility, and shall take the initiative to ensure that all directors, officers, and employees fully understand the Charter. In addition, the management shall constantly pay attention to the opinions of internal and external parties, and shall promote the implementation of effective systems to secure ethical corporate behavior.

1. Beneficial and Safe Products

We shall strive to earn the confidence of consumers and clients through the development and provision of socially beneficial products and services with the utmost consideration for safety.

2. Fair and Transparent Corporate Activities

We shall, in the pursuit of fair and transparent corporate activities, comply with laws and social regulations and act in accordance with international rules and the articles of incorporation.

3. Communications with Society and Information Disclosure

We shall communicate with society at large and disclose corporate information fairly and adequately.

4. Environmental Protection

We shall acknowledge the seriousness of global environmental issues, and shall act voluntarily and affirmatively to protect the environment.

5. Contribution to Society

We shall, with a global perspective, affirmatively make contributions to society while respecting local customs and cultures.

6. Respect for Employees

We shall endeavor to make the lives of employees comfortable and fulfilling, provide a safe work environment, and respect each employee's personality and individuality.

7. Responsible Actions

In the event of a violation of the principles of this Charter, in order to solve the problem, senior management shall investigate the cause of the violation and develop reforms to prevent its recurrence in accordance with corporate compliance procedures. Prompt public disclosure of precise information and an explanation regarding the violation shall be made, and responsibility for the violation shall be clarified. Strict and fair disciplinary action shall be taken, including with respect to senior management where necessary.

Established on October 1, 2003

The Konica Minolta Group is an economic entity engaged in the pursuit of profit through fair competition that seeks to be of benefit to society at large. As such, the Group complies with laws and social regulations and acts in accordance with international rules in pursuit of fair and transparent corporate activities.
“Fair and Transparent Corporate Activities” include activities other than any illegal or unfair (fraudulent) activities such as corruption, antitrust violations, illegal political contributions, or illegal charitable contributions and sponsorships.

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