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Restoring and Preserving Biodiversity

Targets and Results for Fiscal 2012

Assessing ecosystem impact using WET testing

Konica Minolta has been implementing various initiatives, mainly at its production sites, to restore and preserve biodiversity. The Group has made meeting the standards of its Guidelines for Biodiversity Preservation a requirement for attaining Level 2 certification under the Green Factory Certification System, which specifically requires consideration of water resources, consideration of wastewater, and proper management of greenery at factories. As part of these initiatives, the Group is conducting ecosystem impact assessment tests based on bioassays to verify the impact of wastewater on the surrounding ecosystems.

Fiscal 2012 Targets and Results

Self-assessment *** Achievement more than 100% ** Achievement more than 80% and less than 100% * Achievement less than 80%

Objectives Fiscal 2012 Targets Fiscal 2012 Results Self-assessment
Restoring and preserving biodiversity • Pursue compliance with the Guidelines for Biodiversity Preservation
• Deploy the ecosystem impact assessment
• Establish the procurement standards for paper and prepare global deployment
• Undertake activities according to the guidelines for biodiversity preservation
• Deploy the ecosystem impact assessment outside Japan
• Prepare global deployment of the procurement standards for paper

More information on the target areas is available at the following links:

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