About Konica Minolta

Giving Shape to Ideas

Preventing Global Warming

Efforts to Conserve Energy in Offices

Environmental Activities Based on ISO 14001 Standards

All Konica Minolta employees take part in environmental activities under an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standards.
Employees strive to understand the impact that the company's business activities have on the environment in office settings as well as at production facilities. The employees also aim to continuously improve their daily activities to lessen their impact on the environment, by periodically reviewing plans to achieve and maintain compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001.

Using Green Electricity

Located in Tokyo, the Konica Minolta Plaza is the Group's venue for providing the public with various types of information, including environmental, cultural, and artistic exhibits. The total volume of electricity required to run the exhibitions held at the Plaza, which amounts to 70,000 kWh, is procured through green electricity*. The electricity used at the General Meeting of Shareholders was also provided by green power.

green electricity: Electricity made from renewable energy sources such as wind and biomass.

Green Power Certification System

Konica Minolta Plaza
The green power certification system enables the trading of environmental added value such as reduction of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions in the form of certificates. With these green power certificates, the holder is recognized as having used green electricity, by purchasing the environmental added-value portion in addition to the regular electricity supplied by power companies.

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