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Targets and Results for Fiscal 2012 (Throughout the product life cycle)

Reaching CO2 emissions reduction goals throughout the Product Life Cycle

Achieved a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle

As part of its effort to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle, Konica Minolta has set CO2 reduction targets for each stage, including product usage, manufacturing, distribution, and sales and services.
Building on the results of reduction efforts implemented in previous years, in fiscal 2012 Konica Minolta set its reduction targets to make them even more challenging than the goals set for fiscal 2015. These efforts brought lifecycle emissions in fiscal 2012 down to 50% of what they were in fiscal 2005.
In the area of product usage, Konica Minolta is focusing on its Business Technologies Business, which accounts for over 90% of the total CO2 emissions from product usage, and is pursuing the development of energy-saving product technologies. In fiscal 2012, it strengthened its lineup of products with high energy-saving features, mainly color MFPs, with the release of the bizhub C554 series and bizhub C554e series, both of which can save substantially more energy than previous models.
The Group is also striving to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing using its Green Factory Certification System. After all business units achieved Level 1 certification in fiscal 2011, .ve of them went on to earn Level 2 certification in fiscal 2012 by making even more rigorous efforts to reduce environmental impact.
To reduce CO2 emissions from distribution, Konica Minolta made efforts to reduce the use of air transport, which included minimizing quality problems, keeping to development schedules, and improving demand forecasts.
In sales and service, the Group strove to manage and reduce CO2 emissions from the use of sales vehicles at sales companies worldwide and worked to reduce power consumption in offices.

Changes in Product Life Cycle CO<sub />2</sub> Emissions

Fiscal 2012 Targets and Results

Self-assessment *** Achievement more than 100% ** Achievement more than 80% and less than 100% * Achievement less than 80%

Objectives Fiscal 2012 Targets Fiscal 2012 Results Self-assessment
Preventing global warming CO2 emissions throughout product life cycle: -48.1% -50.0% ***
CO2 emissions from product usage: -67.7% -67.7% ***
CO2 emissions from manufacturing: +32.5% (per unit of sales) +27.7% ***
CO2 emissions from distribution: -4.4% (per unit of sales) -13.7% ***
CO2 emissions from sales and service: -15.2% (per unit of sales) -11.4% **

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