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CO2 Emissions from Product Usage

Resource-Saving Efforts in Toner Products

Toner Loop Mechanism Uses Toner without Waste

Konica Minolta equips nearly all of its monochrome MFP models and some monochrome laser printers with its unique Toner Loop Mechanism inside the machine which collects, circulates and reuses any toner not fixed to the paper during printing. This system helps realize resource conservation by reducing the amount of wasted toner to zero-a big improvement over the 5-10% of toner normally wasted.

Toner Bottles Incorporate Recycled Plastic

Konica Minolta incorporates up to 40% recycled plastic material in the toner bottles used for MFPs, which helps to lower total use of petroleum-based resources. The Group also collects and recycles used toner bottles.

Toner bottles containing recycled plastic

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