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Green Products (product initiatives):Certified Green Products

Other products (Next-generation lighting, etc.)

Green products (Other products:Next-generation lighting, etc.)

Applicable product <Green Products category>

Environmental performance

(i) : Preventing Global Warming, (ii) : Supporting a Recycling-Oriented Society, (iii) : Reducing the Risk of Chemical Substances, (iv) : Restoring and preserving biodiversity, (v) : Enhancing environmental comfort of products when operated
* : Industry-top environmental performance or industry-first environmental technologies

LED lighting

“Tulips” using flexible OLED lighting panels <GPplus>

* A world first: Uses panels produced at a mass production plant (capacity about 1 million panels per month) for plastic substrate flexible OLED lighting panels made with high-productivity roll-to-roll manufacturing method
Mercury free
The world’s first OLED flower illumination utilizing unprecedented features including thinness, light weight, and ability to curve flexibly
  • Konica Minolta's plastic substrate flexible OLED panels are only 0.35 mm*1 thick, or approx. 1/5*2 the thickness of existing glass panels. For single panels*3, we have achieved remarkable parameters of 5g (0.06 g /cm2) in weight, or approx. 1/5*4 the weight of glass substrate panels
  • Heat generation is extremely small per unit of surface area, so the panels can be installed anywhere
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, they can be used for a long time outdoors

*1., *2., *4. Comparison applies to Konica Minolta products
*3. For panel size of 150 mm × 60 mm

“Tulips” using flexible OLED lighting panels


Infinium Σ <GP>

  • CO2 reduced by at least 50% compared to the previous model through the use of LED light sources
  • Lamp life extended by 30 times through switch to LED light sources; lamps do not need to be changed for 16 years

Infinium ∑

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