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Performance Materials

Green Products (Performance Materials)

Applicable product <Green Products category>

Environmental performance

(i) : Preventing Global Warming, (ii) : Supporting a Recycling-Oriented Society, (iii) : Reducing the Risk of Chemical Substances, (iv) : Restoring and preserving biodiversity, (v) : Enhancing environmental comfort of products when operated
* : Industry-top environmental performance or industry-first environmental technologies

heat protection film

ICE-µ RT70/RT85 <GP>

  • Providing both high transparency and industry's top heat-shielding performance*1
  • Helps air conditioning load for the customer's vehicle, and greatly reduces fuel consumption of vehicles*2
  • As a result of UV blocking of 99% or more, car interior fading and degradation is controlled, contributing to longer life
No signal interference, with visible light transmission in the 70% and 85% category
Results from company internal test

image:ICE-µ RT70/RT85

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