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Green Products (Sensing Products)

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Environmental performance

(i) : Preventing Global Warming, (ii) : Supporting a Recycling-Oriented Society, (iii) : Reducing the Risk of Chemical Substances, (iv) : Restoring and preserving biodiversity, (v) : Enhancing environmental comfort of products when operated
* : Industry-top environmental performance or industry-first environmental technologies

Reference PV cell

AK-100/110, AK-200, AK-120/130/140, AK-300 <GP>

Until now it has been difficult for anyone other than testing laboratories with specialized equipment to evaluate solar cells. The Reference PV cell makes it possible for development and manufacturing sites to obtain highly reliable values and therefore is contributing to the R&D and rapid popularization of solar cells. (Contribution to the general adoption of renewable energy)


Chlorophyll meter

SPAD-502Plus <GP>

Compared with other methods for measuring the amount of chlorophyll in plants such as rice, including chlorophyll measurement, infrared digital camera analysis and so on, the SPAD- 502Plus is portable and enables quick, simple and non-destructive measurement. Understanding the growth of crops makes it possible to apply the optimum quantity of fertilizer, avoiding over-fertilization and contributing to reduced environmental impact. (Sustainable use of biological resources)


Luminance Meter

Color Rendering Luminance Meter "CL-70F" <GP>

A hand-operated JIS A-class, DIN Class C-compliant color rendering luminance meter. Measuring color rendering properties such as light source illuminance, color temperature, and light quality, this product contributes to energy-saving design and lighting management across a wide range of fields, for instance when used as a tool for checking energy efficiency and safety in production and office environments.

Color Rendering Luminance Meter CL-70F

Chroma meter "CS-150 / CS-160" <GP>
Luminance Meter "LS-150 / LS-160" <GP>

A high-precision luminance meter that features easy controls and a highly mobile design. Provides measurements in virtually any situation, such as evaluation during research and development of LED, OEL, and other lighting devices, quality control in production environments, and field measurement. Improves manufacturing efficiency and productivity, and contributes to the popularization of energy-efficient light sources.

Chroma meter CS-150, CS-160

Illuminance meters

Spectrophotometer "CL-500A" <GP>

CL-500A is the world's first portable spectrophotometer calibrated to JIS/DIN standards. It is capable of evaluating how well the colors of objects can be rendered (color rendering). As a tool for evaluating color rendering, a diagnostic criteria for installed lighting proposed by the Ministry of the Environment in its Basic Policy for the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services, it contributes to research and development and quality improvements in energy-saving lighting, bearing in mind the quality of light.


Chroma meter "CL-200A" <GP>

CL-200A is a handheld device for measuring color temperature based on miniaturization, optical and filter technologies. It contributes to the development of energy-saving lighting and lighting control systems that take into account the quality of light, such as the safety and comfort of the light environment.


Illuminance meters "T-10A / T-10MA" <GP>

As a high-precision, high-quality portable illuminance meter with multipoint measurement functions, it contributes to promoting energysaving design in a wide range of fields related to lighting. It is an effective tool for checking not only illumination light sources themselves, but also light intensity and quality control and the energy-saving and safety properties of lighting in production areas and office environments.


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