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Environment Plan: Objectives and Efforts

Green Marketing Activities

Working on reduction of the environmental impact both in sales and service activities and product usage

Konica Minolta carries out green marketing activities as its way of practicing environmentally friendly sales and services. The objectives of these activities are to bring costs down and reduce environmental impact by rolling out efficiency-boosting measures in distribution, packaging, sales, and service. Konica Minolta also aims to provide optimization solutions that help customers reduce their environmental impact.
Specifically, Konica Minolta has introduced various initiatives in these areas in accordance with its Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2015 to reduce CO emissions from distribution, the amount of packaging, and the amount of fuel used by company vehicles, and to recover used products and reuse their materials. Similarly, in order to facilitate the reduction of the environmental impact when customers use its products, Konica Minolta seeks to promote their adoption of its Green Products and offers Optimized Print Services (OPS)* solutions that help customers minimize cost of ownership and lower environmental impact, while improving workflow efficiency.

Optimized Print Services (OPS): Konica Minolta’s consultancy-based services that support the optimization of the printing and documentation environments in corporate offices.

Example1: Konica Minolta Wins Hong Kong Green Award

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd., a sales company in Hong Kong, has developed business-based environmentally friendly activities. The company sells MFPs certified with the Hong Kong Green Label for incorporating numerous environmental technologies, collects and recycles used MFPs, and also proposes OPS to streamline the arrangement of MFPs to help customers save energy and paper.
Furthermore, the company conducts environmental education activities through the Emerald Education Program for children together with the local environmental NGO, Green Sense.
In recognition of these activities, the company won a Green Management Bronze Award (Corporate) in the Hong Kong Green Awards 2012 organized by the Hong Kong Green Council.

Example2: Promoting Eco-Driving and an Energy-saving Work Style

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Japan Co., Ltd., a sales company in Japan, has installed a vehicle operation management system in all company-owned vehicles. This system constantly gathers and stores data about the way company-owned cars are being used, such as the rate of sudden acceleration and deceleration, driving time, fuel consumption, and so on. Using the data, drivers of company vehicles are encouraged to implement eco-driving more rigorously to improve mileage and reduce the environmental impact of vehicle use by, for example, cutting down on idling.
Additionally, a system to graph and deliver real-time data on electricity use was installed in the head office building in February 2013 to promote an energy-saving work style. The system measures power consumption on each floor, and displays it graphically on the company intranet, and sends out emails if a designated power amount is exceeded, helping employees to stay focused on saving energy. Also, the main reception area now features an electronic sign displaying power usage in real time, where it is visible to visitors and facility users alike.

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