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Developing Human Capital

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Background and Issues

Nowadays, companies the world over are competing to create new services by leveraging big data with AI and ICT technologies. Konica Minolta, too, is aiming to become a digital company with insight into implicit challenges, the key to which is the transformation of human capital.
The company recognizes that it must first accurately ascertain the needs of customers and society. Then, based on those needs, it must systematically and continuously develop the professionals that can create and provide the kind of innovative value that is unique to Konica Minolta.


To create innovative value, every person has to let their individuality shine and professionals holding diverse views must engage in uninhibited discussions.
The company’s human resources development vision is to empower people who can drive reform, feel a strong sense of ownership and complete projects to the end. Other highly prized qualities include ingenuity, the ability to engage partners, and the ability to create customer value. Konica Minolta wants to develop “business athletes” who can compete globally. This transformation of individuals will drive the transformation of the company.

Key Measures

  • Development and recruiting of executive candidates who will be responsible for promoting digital transformation (DX) in Konica Minolta
  • Development of executive officer candidates for sustainable growth
  • Attracting millennials
  • Human resources development utilizing people analytics

Human Resource Development

Developing talent globally and locally

Konica Minolta is training next-generation leaders who can perform globally to win among severe competition. The Group has also set up training programs in Japan to support the growth of each individual employee and actively train our talented members who will lead in the future.

Executive Development Program

At Konica Minolta, the aim is to foster "true management executives" who can promote creative destruction and succeed globally. This is why, in cooperation with a business school, the business leader education program (called “Global e-Juku”) is implemented for executive candidates, including those from Group companies globally. In the fiscal 2018 and 2019 programs, there were a total of 18 participants (10 from Japan and 8 from elsewhere). In conversations with leading executives within and outside of the company, the participants gained an appreciation for what it takes to become a true management executive and expanded their outlook. Discussing DX and other topics, they also tried forecasting the highly unpredictable future business environment, and worked on project proposals for Konica Minolta’s transformation to become a digital company with insight into implicit challenges.

Developing a Human Capital System

As the foundation of its OJD,* Konica Minolta, Inc. enhances its impact by providing rank-based training tailored to changes in roles and positions, as well as a range of training programs to raise knowledge and skills. In addition, the company offers a wide range of education programs to complement these. The company focuses resources on its selective training programs, which train the business producers that will lead Konica Minolta in the future. A total of approximately 8,600 employees took the training programs provided in fiscal 2020 (including rank-based training and the Konica Minolta College), and the total time spent in training was approximately 64,000 hours. In addition, the average training time per employee per year was about 13 hours (about 1.5 days).

OJD: A variation of on-the-job training (OJT), OJD refers to the development of abilities while facing real-life work challenges, under the guidance of a superior.

Developing a Human Capital System

Business Producer Training Program (CGF)

Konica Minolta has implemented a program to develop business producers who can drive strong growth, starting in the early stage of their careers. This program, called the Challenge Growth Forum (CGF), is offered to select employees who are motivated to solve social challenges by creating new value. In fiscal 2018, 20 employees participated.
The program participants follow a development curriculum as they study and work together at creating new businesses. The curriculum is devised by a governing board made up of members chosen from various fields who have a passion for human resource development. As such, this program also plays a major role as a forum for interaction and diligent study that goes beyond the workplace and that crosses areas of expertise and generations.

Brainstorming new business ideas

KM-Way Selection Program

This program is intended to train leaders who have the mindset and skills to create new businesses, and to foster a culture focused on open innovation strategy, by giving leaders a chance to learn Konica Minolta’s own digital innovation creation process (KM-Way). This will help Konica Minolta to transform into a digital company with insight into implicit challenges and to grow sustainably.
Every year, about 30 employees are selected from among general employees and managers for a three to five months program. The participants acquire the mindset and skills needed to implement KM-Way, Konica Minolta's own technology management framework, through case studies, proposal of new businesses and the resolution of management of technology challenges in their own departments. Participants who complete the program are expected to not only implement this on their own, but also play active roles as leaders who promote innovative changes in their own departments while spreading what they have learned within their department.

KM-Way Selection Program (for managers)

System to Develop and Certify ICT Personnel

Konica Minolta has implemented an internal training program to develop ICT personnel who can leverage IT and digital technologies to provide added value from the customer’s perspective. The ICT Personnel Skills Certification System has been put in place to certify and register skill levels, from beginner to expert, based on the company’s definitions of human capital, such as Data Scientist.*1 A training curriculum has been developed at each level. In fiscal 2019, 71 employees were certified and registered as Data Scientists, 129 as KM Product Owners*2, and 9 as IT Architects.*3 Training was also provided at development sites outside Japan, and efforts have begun to expand the certification system worldwide.

Data Scientist: Personnel who can identify decision-making and workflow issues by reviewing various types of data and then establish solutions
KM (Konica Minolta) Product Owner: Personnel well versed in both business and software technology who can maximize return on investment in software development
IT Architect: Personnel who are responsible for realizing the processes and architecture for providing IT services to customers

Konica Minolta College

This educational program is open to all Konica Minolta employees, with class enrollment available through the Group's intranet system. The college currently offers over 150 courses, covering areas from business skills to expert skills, e-learning topics and distance education. These courses can help employees acquire knowledge of Konica Minolta's technologies and other cutting-edge technologies as well as critical business skills.

Konica Minolta College

Global Assignment Program for Early Career Talent

Konica Minolta, Inc. has a short-term training program that allows early-career employees to go abroad to learn at sales companies and world-class business schools. By practicing leadership and interacting with others possessing diverse values, these employees can improve and expand their outlook, which helps them to succeed on the global stage. The aim is to develop leaders early in their careers. In fiscal 2019, 42 employees participated in the program (half year program).
Group companies outside of Japan also send employees to experience operations at group companies in other countries, including Japan, for several months or even several years. By providing program participants with an opportunity to experience different business customs and cultures, the program is accelerating the development of the leaders who can provide Konica Minolta value worldwide.

Participant taking part in a trade show exhibit

Age-Based Career Design Training

This is a program to support career development at turning-point ages (30, 40, 50, and 55), in order to provide employees with opportunities to think about their careers in light of contributions to the company and their own job satisfaction and to support their own development. Participants think about their future vision through awareness of the environment and self-analysis. After the training, they have an interview with a superior, full-time advisor and work towards independent self-fulfillment.

Age-Based Career Design Training

A Personnel System Designed to Promote Human Resource Development

Assessment and Treatment System

Konica Minolta, Inc. will continue to develop talented personnel who can win among global competition, aiming to create an organization that continues to provide customers with new value. In order to accelerate these results, the company revised its personnel assessment and treatment system for general employees in 2016. A new system that will highly evaluate talented personnel who act in accordance with the Konica Minolta Philosophy and take on the challenge of pursuing ambitious goals without fear of failure was devised.
Moreover, seniority is no longer considered in determining employee treatment. Instead, skills and results are evaluated fairly and reflected in promotions and salary increases.

Open Job Posting and Free Agent Systems

As a complement to the Group's company-led system of personnel assignments, Konica Minolta, Inc. has introduced the Internal Open Job Posting System and the Free Agent (FA) System, which encourage employees to request transfers to new positions on their own. These systems will help produce employees willing to undertake new positions in building their own careers and create a corporate culture that respects the desire to challenge oneself in new ways.
Konica Minolta, Inc. has introduced the Internal Open Job Posting System, which allows employees to apply for open positions posted by departments looking for personnel.
The Free Agent (FA) System allows employees wishing to take on the challenge of a new type of job or department to post their application on the intranet. Departments with open positions review the employees' posts, call promising candidates in for interviews, and if both the department and the employee agree, the employee is transferred to the new job.
With these two systems in place, Konica Minolta continues to facilitate the fluid movement of talented personnel across the Group and to support employees' self-determination in shaping their own careers.

Evaluation by External Parties

Recognized at the Good Career Company Awards 2019 with an Innovation Award (Human Resources Development Bureau Director-General Award from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

At the Good Career Company Awards 2019, hosted by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Konica Minolta With You, Inc., a special subsidiary of Konica Minolta, Inc., received an Innovation Award, otherwise known as the Human Resources Development Bureau Director-General Award.

The Innovation Award is given to companies that provide support for employees to further their own careers as part of efforts to tackle important issues within the company. In particular, the award recognizes companies with outstanding results from different model of initiatives, such as providing career development support with a focus on target employees and initiative methods, and linking the efforts to human resource development, and eventually to concrete corporate management results.

Reason for Award
Konica Minolta With You was commended for providing career development support that aims to maximize the vocational skills of employees with disabilities. It has been doing this by assigning employees to various types of jobs during their first three years after joining the company, and by helping them to create a long-term career vision with goals to be achieved within five years.

Establishment of a Global HR Organization

Konica Minolta, Inc. has set up a global human resources organization to develop personnel around the world and put the right people in the right positions. The aim is to realize a corporate group that continually provides new value to customers worldwide. The global human resources organization seeks to collaborate with senior management and relevant departments in order to promote individual skills and the capabilities of the entire Group. Various measures are being implemented such as making worldwide human resources visible, preparing individual career development plans, as well as assigning work based on individual career development plans, performing global job rotation, and providing training opportunities in and outside the company. A remuneration system is also being introduced to further motivate employees.

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