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Promoting Reform of Corporate Culture and Communication

Promoting Corporate Culture Reform

Practicing the Six Values of the Konica Minolta Philosophy

The Six Values of the Konica Minolta Philosophy are meant to be practiced by employees as a cornerstone of their daily activities. The Group believes this can lead to a continual supply of new value for society and customers, as indicated in the Philosophy.
Through its global award system (Business Contribution Awards, Transform Awards), Konica Minolta singles out cases worthy of commendation and seeks to share the same values Group-wide. This creates a culture of recognition and fosters a willingness to take up challenges. In particular, the Transform Awards recognize employee approaches and activities that involve taking on the challenge of creating new value and helping to solve issues for society and customers. They also encourage a global groundswell in which other employees acquire the same expertise and utilize it in their workplaces.
Konica Minolta, Inc. reflects these principles in its human resources system so that employees always consider the Six Values in their actions.
The Group is transforming its corporate culture to foster employee practice of the Six Values.

Transform Awards presentation
Transform Awards presentation

Organizational Culture Transformation

Konica Minolta have started efforts to transform their organizational culture where each employee, as a "business athlete," can compete in the global arena. The aim is to create a culture and structures that will allow them to continually undertake challenges while capturing the benefits of co-worker diversity. In fiscal 2019, 16 KIZUKI workshops were held, with 326 employees, consisting of 163 pairs of managers and millennial subordinates, participating from 163 internal organizations. The purpose was for the managers and young subordinates to better understand and trust one another through dialogue. The workshop theme was "Creating organizations where people feel confident to engage in open and frank discussions regardless of their position."
The Japanese word "kizuki," which means "awareness," was used to emphasize the need for employees to be aware of the differences in the values held by managers and subordinates, and to remind everyone that their actions and words help shape the organizational culture. The desire was for participants to gain a new awareness through the workshop and to take that awareness back to their workplaces and use it to help build even better working environments.

Internal Information Sharing

Group Communication Activated Through Multiple Channels

Promoting Networking

Since April 2017, Konica Minolta, Inc. has made available company facilities, such as employee cafeterias, as places for people from different departments to meet for activities like social meals. This allows diverse groups of employees to gather together, share ideas and create innovation.

The company helps to cover the cost of gatherings planned by employees and submitted to HR, with the aim of encouraging employees who want to break through organizational barriers and expand internal networking. The young mid-level employee community and cross-division engineering network that use this system are creating new ties within the company.

Human resource exchange event organized by employees

Utilizing the Intranet

Konica Minolta has established Konica Minolta Online (Japanese) and Online Global (English) on its intranet, each of which plays a central role in intra-Group communication. These sites are designed to promote the sharing of Group-wide policies, as well as information regarding individual Group companies. They also serve as a tool to facilitate the direct exchange of information and communication between top management and employees.
The content of these sites includes a message board for the president of Konica Minolta, Inc., which enables the president to send messages directly to all the employees of all of the Group companies.

Utilizing Group Journal

The Konica Minolta Group publishes a quarterly journal entitled Global Magazine (in Japanese, English and Chinese) and distributes it to its employees around the world. This publication presents information relevant to the entire Group from a worldwide perspective, extending beyond the borders of companies, organizations, and regions. It includes special articles introducing the Group's direction and innovative initiatives. Also, together with the publication of the journal, the Group is strengthening its bilateral communication through the use of such tools as the intranet and employee surveys.

Communication Coordinator System

Communication coordinators are assigned to each Group company around the world and serve to communicate information relevant to their departments to the Group, and Group-wide information to their departments. By essentially acting as spokespersons for their workplace and company, these coordinators support the cultivation of a sense of Group unity, the assimilation of multiple vectors, and the demonstration of synergy by promoting communication.

Building Work Environments Where Employees Enjoy Job Satisfaction

Konica Minolta regularly conducts surveys on views about work and the workplace held by all of its employees worldwide, with the aim of maintaining work environments where employees experience job satisfaction, are fully engaged, and embrace challenges. In the 2017 survey, 75% of respondents worldwide gave a positive response regarding enthusiasm at work and their desire to take on challenges (sustainable engagement).*1

Question 2015 2017*2
Employees’ enthusiasm at work and their desire to take on challenges
(Sustainable engagement)
72% 75%
Response rate 87.6% 88.8%
Percentage of employees who showed a positive opinion (upper two choices out of five options) on questions related to employees’ enthusiasm at work and their desire to take on challenges (sustainable engagement).
Some of the content of the questionnaire in 2017 differed from that in 2015.

The survey was renamed the Global Employee Survey, “Your Voice,” and will be carried out in July 2021. The company uses this survey to gather opinions directly from employees, and to ascertain each organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, thereby enabling management to accurately grasp current conditions. This leads to action that further improves engagement.

In April 2021, 39 new graduates joined Konica Minolta, Inc. The overall turnover rate for fiscal 2019 was 3.2%. In addition, the rate of turnover within three years for employees who joined the company in 2017 was 8.9%.

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