About Konica Minolta

Giving Shape to Ideas

Human Capital

Basic Concept

Konica Minolta believes in its employees' potential to create new value, because they are the force that develops the company's solutions to the problems faced by customers and society. The company is building workplace environments that enable all employees to reach their full potential.

Raising the Value of Human Capital

Konica Minolta is working diligently to identify and solve implicit challenges faced by customers and society, recognizing that this is the key to achieving sustainable growth. In today's world, Konica Minolta's customers and society as a whole are faced with increasingly complex and unpredictable challenges. This means that innovative, flexible employees who take bold action are the key to Konica Minolta's success in achieving its growth strategy. Accordingly, Konica Minolta seeks to foster the independent development of all employees by hiring talented individuals and devoting ample resources to their development, while also providing an environment that allows every person to take the initiative to grow.

Building Workplaces Where Employees Can Maximize Their Potential

Creating an environment where every employee can stay highly motivated while maintaining both physical and mental health is essential to ensure that they can maximize their potential. While fostering a corporate culture focused on health and improving occupational safety, Konica Minolta is working to reform employee work styles to make the most of individuals' abilities. By rolling out these initiatives globally, the Group is seeking to maximize the potential of all of its human capital and to enhance its employees' capacity to create value.

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