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Social Issues

Need to Improve Sensor Detection Accuracy to Achieve More Reliable Security

With society’s growing awareness of safety and security, improving security levels has become a social issue. This includes measures to prevent street crime especially in downtown areas, security measures for areas where crowds gather, and strengthening security at facilities where safety is required.
Rapid personnel response is essential to maintain the current level of security. However, due to a shortage of human resources and the need to reduce costs and raise efficiency, there are growing needs for security technology such as surveillance cameras. Facilities with extensive grounds are facing detection accuracy issues, such as unnecessary personnel dispatch due to sensor false alarms, and reduced detection ability due to blind spots or nighttime and rainy conditions.


Social Innovation

Realizing Advanced Security Using Motion Detection in Addition to High-Precision, Real-Time Detection

3D Laser Radar was developed by Konica Minolta utilizing its proprietary optical technology. It can perform 3D scans from high angles and distant locations, and detects objects and people with high accuracy. In addition to ascertaining the position, shape and size of an object in real time, the technology can also recognize a moving object, while detecting its direction and speed. Moreover, through the addition of image processing and analysis technology using artificial intelligence, situation prediction is also possible. By realizing an efficient surveillance system that only sends alerts when there is an actual problem, and by conducting behavior detection of suspicious persons based on analysis of accumulated behavior data, an even higher level of security is being realized.
As an unprecedented high-precision, high-performance detection tool, 3D Laser Radar is expected to be adopted for a variety of applications. It will help realize a safer and more secure society not only as part of monitoring systems, but also in self-driving vehicle development and social infrastructure surveillance.

3D Laser Radar

Self-driving Vehicle Development

3D Laser Radar can be combined with various sensors for pedestrian detection to increase driving safety, and for creating high-accuracy maps for use by self-driving vehicles.

Preventing Traffic Accidents

By indexing behavior patterns based on collection and analysis of pedestrian and vehicle behavior data, pedestrians who suddenly dart into the street can be predicted.

Risk Prediction at Construction Sites

Since a wide area can be monitored at one time, the technology can also be used to predict operational hazards and monitor safety at construction sites.

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