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Improving Workflow in Medical Settings -- WoundAide

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WoundAide Automatic Wound Measurement System for Medical Institutions

Improving Workflow in Medical Settings

Konica Minolta operates Business Innovation Centers (BICs) in the five major regions of the world―Japan, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, and North America―with the goal of generating new thinking and creating innovative businesses. The BICs are carrying out about 100 projects, in which they collaborate with universities and venture firms and employ diverse innovative perspectives.
In 2018, based on the work of the BICs, BIC Asia Pacific commercialized WoundAide, an automatic wound measurement system for medical institutions, and began marketing it in Singapore. This system enables instantaneous measurement of wounds, which is conventionally done by hand, through diagnostic imaging, as well as digitization of the results. This helps to improve the workflow of clinicians and nurses. Moreover, WoundAide can be expected to improve patients’ quality of life because it assists with more appropriate wound monitoring and treatment by enabling accurate and consistent measurement.

Automatic measurement using WoundAide

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