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Utilizing Employee Experiences Gained Outside the Company and Abroad

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Konica Minolta's Approach

Background and Issues

In order to connect the promotion of diversity to the creation of innovation, it is important to build a team of employees with diversity in nationality, race, gender, age, and expertise, while also having individual employees with diverse experiences and perspectives. Konica Minolta believes in generating innovation by ensuring that diverse employees share ideas based on different perspectives.


Konica Minolta actively employs people in mid-career and people from outside of Japan. In addition, employees are encouraged to gain broad experience and knowledge outside the company and venues are provided for diversely talented individuals to share ideas.
By generating innovation with these measures, the company aims to meet the needs of its global customers and to create new value that goes beyond existing concepts.

Key Measures

  • Actively recruiting non-Japanese talent and employing mid-career people in Japan
  • Providing opportunities to gain experience and knowledge outside of the company
  • Promoting exchanges among employees globally and providing venues for creating innovation where diverse employees can inspire and learn from each other

Actively Recruiting Non-Japanese Talent and Employing Mid-Career People in Japan

Konica Minolta, Inc. actively employs mid-career people to help create innovation in Japan. The company is striving to secure the diversity of its human resources by also recruiting non-Japanese new university graduates, as well as Japanese graduates with experience living abroad. Notably, the Group has continued to recruit talented foreign nationals from the Indian Institute of Technology, which has helped it to acquire excellent IOT personnel.

Percentage of Mid-career People Employed in Fiscal 2021

  • Percentage of mid-career people among total newly employed people: 52%

Percentage of Global Talent Who Joined the Company in April 2022

  • Percentage of non-Japanese nationals among newly recruited employees: 8%

For data from previous years, please refer to Social Data in the ESG Data section.

Providing Opportunities to Gain Experience and Knowledge Outside the Company

Konica Minolta will continue to promote diversity by taking initiatives to promote the diversity of individuals in the workforce and increase the number of hires with diverse experience and knowledge.

Lifting of Ban on Side Jobs and Secondary Employment and Introducing a Job Return System

In 2017, Konica Minolta, Inc. lifted its ban on side jobs and secondary employment for employees and introduced a job return system to enhance individual diversity through outside work experience.

Fostering Early Career Talent through Overseas Experience

Konica Minolta, Inc. operates an early career overseas training program that sends early-career employees to overseas sales companies and world-class business schools. The program is designed to nurture leaders early in their careers by broadening their viewpoints and expanding their horizons, thereby starting to equip them to be globally successful through exchanges and leadership practices in an environment consisting of diverse values.

Provision of Innovation Creation Venues

Group companies outside of Japan utilize the Technology Innovation Program to develop mechanisms to create and accelerate innovation across different business sectors and national borders.
The Technology Innovation Program began in 2015 in the EU, and now every year members from over 10 countries meet to discuss new business opportunities, spending 10% of their time over a 6-month period on developing products, platforms or services to address real business challenges.
This program was also expanded to the Asia-Pacific region in fiscal 2019, and to the U.S. in fiscal 2020, aiming to accelerate new innovation.