The Konica Minolta Colorful Tomorrow Foundation
Social Contribution Initiatives in the U.S.

February 8, 2008

As a corporate citizen of the global community, the Konica Minolta Group is actively engaged in social contribution initiative around the world, with the goal of helping to realize healthier and more prosperous societies.

Business Technologies represents the Group's main business field, and Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., hereinafter called BUS, is the Group's sales company of business technology products in the U.S. BUS has already been participating in and supporting activities that are closely tied to its local communities. In February 2007, BUS established the Konica Minolta Colorful Tomorrow Foundation (CTF), a non-profit organization, with the goal of expanding its social contribution initiatives in the U.S. Results can already be seen from the numerous activities supported by CTF.

Overview of CTF


Konica Minolta Colorful Tomorrow Foundation, Inc.


February 2007


Provide opportunities to create more colorful and better tomorrows for children. The CTF looks to partner with organizations that contribute to society in a number of key areas, all of which are focused on children. Specifically, the CTF supports efforts that prepare children (18 years or younger) for a stronger future, especially in those communities where BUS maintains offices.

The CTF aligns itself with Konica Minolta's leading role in the imaging and networking technology markets to support efforts that create opportunities for all students – especially those interested in the creative arts and computer technology education.

Additionally, the CTF supports disaster relief efforts, protection of the environment, and efforts to improve health and medical care for children.


Incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the state of New Jersey, where BUS headquarters is located, the CTF is now being registered as a charitable organization in states across the U.S. and is improving its framework with the aim of being able to take its corporate social responsibility initiatives nationwide in 2008. Members of the management team of BUS will serve as CTF's Trustees and Officers voluntarily and without compensation.

CTF was established with financial assistance from Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., BUS, and one of its business partners, KIP America. Select BUS employees were invited to make payroll donations and all net proceeds from a sports memorabilia auction during a national dealer meeting were also donated to help establish CTF.

Based on the CTF mission, the collected funds are used to help support deserving organizations and projects in the U.S. The recipient organizations will be chosen using selection standards designed to help ensure that the money benefits a suitably wide range of recipients.

CTF activity achievements

  • Support for youth education
    CTF is supporting the students of McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts – a charter school located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. While over 90% of the students at the school come from low-income families, thanks to the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP), which aims to provide equal educational opportunities for all children, the school is achieving substantial improvements in the academic performance of its students.
    In Spring 2007, the CTF pledged to raise much-needed funds for the purpose of repairing structural damage to the school – including the installation of new bathrooms for students. The CTF returned to McDonogh 15 during the Summer of 2007 to award the initial annual scholarships to three students, who will attend some of the finest high schools in the city – which in turn allows them the opportunity to move on to higher education, and excel in their post-graduate careers. Additionally, the CTF will make a donation of business products including color printers, scanners, and software applications to be used for the school's creative arts programs.

left : Jun Haraguchi (center), President and Chief Executive Officer of BUS, meets the students of McDonogh 15
right : McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts

  • Support for the improvement of adult literacy
    Project Literacy U.S. is a non-profit organization for improving adult literacy in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is working to raise social awareness of the problem of adult illiteracy, with the participation of community groups, social welfare organizations, and companies in the local communities. BUS has been supporting the activities of Project Literacy U.S. for a while now, and CTF began donating to this organization in Fall 2007.
  • Supporting academic research
    The Five College Center for East Asian Studies, run by Five Colleges, Inc. (consisting of five colleges in the state of Massachusetts: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst) performs research relating to East Asia, in various fields including the cultural and social sciences. The CTF is providing support to the Center for research projects relating to Japan, including the provision of funds for publishing the group's newsletter.

Looking to the future, the CTF plans to expand its activities on a nationwide basis with the assistance of more than 80 BUS branch offices, and further energize the social contribution initiatives of Konica Minolta in the United States.

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