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The Great East Japan Earthquake: First Anniversary and Support for Recovery

March 11, 2012

One year ago the Great East Japan Earthquake hit our country with unprecedented magnitude. We extend our deepest condolences to everyone who was affected by the disaster.

On this day of remembrance, our reflection goes through the past twelve months that started with establishment of a Disaster Response Headquarters on March 11, 2011, the day of the earthquake, and were filled with efforts by the entire Konica Minolta Group to provide cooperation and support in the disaster areas. To assist people facing one of the worst crises in history, we have been trying to figure out, more flexibly than ever, how best to translate the Group's resources and strengths into response and recovery activities and carry them out with a strong sense of speed. In the aftermath of the quake and tsunami, Konica Minolta promptly donated medical sensing instruments to healthcare institutions providing emergency responses in the stricken area, while the Group have made financial donation through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Furthermore, free loan of medical diagnostic imaging systems assisted local healthcare activities. Comprehensive IT support services were provided free of charge to companies and municipalities in the disaster area to help re-start their operations smoothly.

In response to calls from the city government last April, when households and families moved from the affected area to the suburbs of Tokyo, Konica Minolta made its company apartments available for temporary home. In the fall of 2011, around 100 first-year employees in Japan were sent to the disaster area to assist with hands-on recovery projects, removing debris and cleaning. Through these efforts, it has deeply sunk in our heart, time and again, that we must listen to, talk and work together with those who are in need of help and get closer to their perspectives in finding a better solution.

A significant change since the tragic disaster is the strong public focus on energy and environment: they have never been this important as social challenges. Last June, to assist businesses in Japan in saving power consumption in the offices, Konica Minolta was the first in the trade to modify specifications and settings of its multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), turning the low-power-consumption machines into even more energy-efficient MFPs. That is an example of how our unique technologies have been increasingly utilized to bring out clear-cut benefit in energy saving. Furthermore, every business company in the Group has been accelerating development of new products and services that use less power and resources. For mid- to long-term goals, we have been striving to foster new businesses around innovative new-generation green products such as organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting.

Nobody would doubt the road of recovery is long and winding. Hoping the day of reconstruction comes sooner, if only slightly, the Konica Minolta Group is willing to keep supporting those who continue to put their lives back together, counting on trust between people and hope for the future. Our activities planned for this year include co-sponsorship for the art exhibition of the Louvre Museum in three cities in the affected Tohoku area from April through September and charity fund-raising events for recovery support at the Japan LPGA Championship Konica Minolta Cup golf tournament in September.

Under the communication message "Giving Shape to Ideas," Konica Minolta is committed to pull together across the Group in its efforts to contribute to the recovery through diverse corporate activities by creating new values society needs and delivering innovative solutions out of internal and external collaboration.

In the past year, we have received huge support and many heartfelt messages from our friends, partners and colleagues around the world. Their generous assistance has made a tremendous contribution to the Group's recovery support activities. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the global friendship shared in a difficult time.

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