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Precision mold processing technology

Processing technology of a molding die for transferring highly precise optical surface

Konica Minolta's pickup lenses for optical discs enjoying a high market share are supported by epoch-making and high “optical design technology”. Further, a large number of highly precise lenses are stably supplied by free use of core technologies such as “optical materials evaluation technologies” for stable production, high precision “plastic molding technology”, “technology of processing precision dies”, “measurement and evaluation technology” for optical efficiency and “optical thin film (coating) technology”.

Lenses produced under the support of the above technologies are playing an active part in optical disc systems used throughout the world.

Special features of the technology of processing superfine die

To produce superfine optical elements (lenses and prisms) efficiently, an appropriate method is to press a material, such as heated and softened plastic or glass, against a molding die. Molding an optical surface through transfer having a direct influence on optical capability of the lens, requires an extremely high precision for a form and a molding die with smooth surfaces are required.

In Konica Minolta, a superfine lathe that processes a die while controlling generation of heat and vibration at accuracy of 0.05 micron (1/20,000,000 meter) and a highly accurate diamond tool are used to manufacture highly refined and highly efficient pickup lenses. In addition, we are developing novel technologies and preparing next-generation manufacturing structure through research and development of materials and processing methods for blue laser optical pickup lens which requires high accuracy and high capacity.

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